Uniq Phone Booth
Uniq Phone Booth
Uniq Phone Booth
Uniq Phone Booth
Uniq Phone Booth
Uniq Phone Booth

Uniq Phone Booth

Introducing the Uniq Phone Booth: Winner of the Red Dot Design Award. This sleek and stylish booth features a glass roof, top-notch acoustic materials, a groundbreaking ventilation system, and intricate details. Prepare to be amazed by its stunning appearance. With its unique design, the glass roof keeps you at the heart of the action while allowing you to handle everything you need in peace.


Uniq Phone Booth has an iconic glass roof design with superior acoustics


Dimensions: 47″w x 91″h x 39″d inches .

  • High performing acoustics
  • Glass ceiling which increases natural light flow
  • Automatic air ventilation system and lighting included, as standard
  • Glass frame and door handle made with real wood
  • High adjustable touchdown desk for sitting and standing
  • Optional stool available
  • Integrated power unit included, as standard

Uniq Phone Booth

The Uniq phone booth pod is simply the best solution if you want to create peace and privacy while making important phone calls in mid of a busy atmosphere within a vibrant work place.

Uniq Phone Booth is the perfect solution for when employees need to talk confidentially with the clients/colleagues, irrespective of what industry and designation they are in. The high performing acoustics gives the advantage of speaking and sharing information privately without being distracted or distracting others. This carefully engineered phone booth offers comfort and and You also get best comfort and peace of mind to think and plan your strategies while you talk and release your stress.

The Uniq Phone Booth has a height-adjustable desk within the booth allowing the user to decide on whether to sit or stand. The well-proportioned desktop allows for note taking , working on a laptop, or both, which is important when working on the phone. The upholstered side panels gives you a feeling of security and required isolation from the crowd but at the same time, the glass walls help you remain connected with your office and work and allow you to keep a watch on the surrounding activities.

Your team members can also easily locate you in the booth in case they are looking for you while you are not in your seat. The genius glass ceiling adds to this and also allows more natural light to flow inside the booth, making it a relaxing space to complete tasks.

Uniq Phone booth looks stunningly stylish. The iconic design, sophisticated details, glazed roof, top quality materials used, ventilation system and excellent soundproofing techniques make this a truly exceptional solution. It fits perfectly in all types of offices and makes your space look even more modern and smart. You don’t just have to take our word for it, the Uniq Phone Booth has also been recognised with a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

If you are not using a phone booth yet and are looking for a stylish addition for privacy and focus, you cant go far wrong with the Uniq Phone Booth. It is highly rated for merging beauty and functionality together. The fashionable look comes with a strong assurance of superior comfort and durability. A quiet, secluded space within the office to help you relax and get on with the work you need to. It helps increasing productivity and flexibility in work.

Pro-cognitive lighting:

One advantage of pro-cognitive lighting that is now being installed by SilentLab in its MICROOFFICE®, is an increase in concentration, i.e. support for cognitive performance, vigilance and alertness.

Air conditioning:

Equipment developed to manage the temperature of air brought into the environment of an acoustic room in cooperation with The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU (UCEEB). This equipment, the first in its category, can, without condensate, cool the environment by 4–5ºC.

Graphical control panel:

A new type of control panel with an option for more precise and user-friendly control of lights and ventilation in the acoustic room.



Sound insulating glass panels and upholstered acoustic sandwich panels

Solid oak glass wall frame and door handle available in natural or black.


LED lighting


Options for both automated and manual ventilation


A desk with two height options, both for sitting and standing


Integrated power unit, different versions are available


98% natural materials


Superior acoustic walls and glass door

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