Meeting Booths

Soundproof pods for your team to collaborate effectively.

The day-to-day running of an office requires a great deal of collaboration between employees. When these workplaces become crowded, some employees will naturally feel unable to concentrate on their duties.

Meeting pods offer a quiet space for your team to escape from busy office life without being isolated from the rest of the company.

Meeting booths are ideal if you want more privacy than an open meeting room offers, and we offer a wide selection of stylish pods with a variety of features.

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What are meeting pods?

In simple terms, Meeting Booths are semi-enclosed structures centered by an integrated table, surrounded by two or three walls, with or without a roof or floor, and without a door.

The absence of a front door/wall allows for continuous communication with the wider office. You can have a back wall to provide a feeling of enclosure, or go completely open to create a fully open plan shell.

Meeting Booths usually come flat packed so that they can be moved around easily, transported into most spaces and can be taken apart and reassembled so that you can take them with you whenever you change offices.

The benefits of office pods

When it comes to office booths, our meeting rooms have numerous advantages. While they require an initial investment, what they yield in return is invaluable.


Open meeting pods are highly flexible, with a wide range of options and configurations available, from three wall units with roof and floor, half back wall, to completely free-standing booths without a roof for a more subtle and open look.

They are also available in various finishes, from melamine walls in neutral colors to stronger tones that can provide a more modern and stand-out look.

Meeting Booths can also come fitted with integrated furniture such as tables and chairs or sofas, light systems, and power and data collection.

Sound absorption

Though the sound absorption of open meeting pods is less than that of fully enclosed versions, they can still protect from external noises as well as provide a decent degree of privacy for users.

The acoustic materials in their construction reduce sound reverberation and increase absorption. Better still, you can keep private conversations away from the open office and focus on creating a secure work environment.

Our booths double as a focus room

Office work can often create constant noise and make focused work difficult. When your team needs a place to bounce ideas around and develop innovative solutions to problems, these booths can help.

Whether running management meetings or giving your colleagues a quiet workplace, implementing a pod system allows you to future-proof your business.

Choose from a range of stylish booth options

You’ve probably noticed our enclosed meeting rooms, but meetings booths can help you create a more inclusive workplace while still prioritizing each employee’s needs.

The Hush Booth

With a range of color options and a simple design, these booths can fit up to four people and blend seamlessly into your office space. You can also take advantage of a table and carpet with the booth, as well as power outlets.

Hush office phone booths

Our Hush phone booths help your team maintain communications and make private calls. If you’re speaking to a management team or private client, you need to ensure that confidentiality is a priority.

An office phone booth will also double as a meeting room and a workspace, making them a worthy investment.

Nook Huddle Booth

This booth is versatile – you can quickly transform it into an enclosed meeting room with a screen – or by removing the back wall. With its stylish design and minimalistic aesthetics, you’ll love how the booth looks in your office space.

Shopping with My Office Pod gives you the following:

  • Access to a range of beautifully designed pods and booths
  • Security when making confidential phone or video calls
  • Speedy delivery to companies
  • Excellent value for money

Check out our collection of high-quality office booths

With so many pod and booth solutions available, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at My Office Pod. We aim to deliver your booths ASAP, and each comes flat-packed with minimum assembly.

If you’d like advice on choosing one of our meeting or office phone booths, please get in touch with our friendly team. We’re happy to help.