What are office pods?
What are the benefits of using office pods?
What are the different types of office pods?
How much do office pods cost?
How long will it take to receive my order
Do you have any pods available for immediate delivery?
Do I need to organise the delivery and assembly of my pod?
What is the cost for delivery and installation of pods?
Will my pod fit through the door?
Can I assemble the pod myself/hire an IKEA assembler?
I am after a more bespoke pod specification that I cannot see on your website, how can you help?
Do pods have some sort of warranty?
Do you rent/lease your pods?
I am not sure which pods are better for my space or if they can fit, do you provide any advice?
Are your pods available for viewing in person?
How many people can you fit in an office pod?
What kind of furniture and equipment can be accommodated in an office pod?
Can office pods be used for confidential or sensitive discussions?