Double Work Pod
Double Work Pod
Double Work Pod
Double Work Pod
Double Work Pod
Double Work Pod

Double Work Pod

With the Double Work Pod, you’ll lend a new and dynamic edge to your interviews and one-on-one meetings. This cutting-edge workspace solution is designed not just with a hint of innovation but rather, it is steeped in it. It boasts an extra-large desk area for two people, making it perfect for accommodating all your workspace needs, from laptops to piles of documents. A sleek sliding door adds a touch of flexibility in its design to this private space, ensuring that you enjoy optimum working space without any compromise.


The Double Work Pod is ideal office pod for interviews and 1-on-1 meetings


Dimensions: : 88.5″w  x 90″h x 48″d – 1 person

  • Unique space-Saving Sliding Door
  • Spacious Desk for laptop and accessories
  • Acoustic Panels on two of the walls
  • Adjustable Ventilation System
  • Integrated power unit included, as standard
  • Interior Carpeted Floors
  • Large pane acrylic skylight
  • Halo LED lighting

Double Work Pod

This Double Work Pod is more than just a workspace or unlike regular office pods or meeting pods. It’s a culmination of the industry’s top-notch standards when it comes to visual and acoustic privacy. Its crafting is so meticulous that it guarantees an outstanding level of privacy in the office pod, meaning you can delve into your work or meetings without any worry of any noise or disturbance in your own quiet space. Open plan offices can make it difficult to stay focused in a room full of noise. The personal space that pods and booths create allow employees to take theor productivity to the next level.

Spacious Meeting Pods

What sets these two person office booths and pods apart even more, is their spacious design. The Double Pod seamlessly combines comfort with convenience, presenting enough room for two individuals for regular meetings without feeling cramped. Along with the additional space of the desk, these meeting pods provide a working area where productivity and comfort live in perfect harmony to aid focused work. Experience the richness of innovation and functionality with the Double Work Pod – your ultimate solution for a superior working environment free of distractions.

The ideal size for fostering collaboration in even the most compact of spaces! Thoughtfully designed with an expanded width and a smooth-sliding door, this unit is a welcome addition to hallways, cozy nooks, slot canyons, and all tight spaces imaginable.

Symbolic of thoughtful design meeting practicality, this two person office pod or booth provides an ingenious solution to the challenge of space utilization, all while promoting a seamless teamwork experience or personal focus area.

So, no matter the size of your space, whether it be a full room, a narrow office pantry, or a minimalistic urban loft, this range of office phone booths effortlessly fits into any space in style. It defines versatility and ergonomics—making the most of available spaces, no matter how narrow or tightly packed!

Office Pods Ventilation

Ensuring your comfort in our Double Work Pod is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for fostering your productivity and maintaining a healthy work ethic in your workspace or open plan office. This intimate space is the perfect solution for comfort and has been carefully designed to cater to your needs, featuring an ultra quiet fan that is as smooth as a whisper for an unobtrusive work experience. This fan comes with the added benefit of being fully adjustable, allowing you to personalize your workspace climate to perfection.

By controlling your environment, you and your employees can concentrate on what truly matters – thriving and delivering exceptional work. Enjoy the ideal temperature and maximum comfort of these Work pods, and watch as employees and your productivity levels soar in the unique private spaces of the Double Work Pod.



High-quality tempered safety glass and aluminum frame

Space-Saving Sliding Door for complete privacy

One large pane acrylic skylight

Carpeted Floors – Made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles


Desk Size and Height: 84˝w x 13.5˝ d x 36˝


4 power outlets, 4 USB ports and outlets

7 ft power cord (easily extendable with extension cable). Simply plug the power cord into any grounded US 110V outlet

Available access hole for ethernet port

LED Lighting: 6000K daily color Dimmable: 0-360 Lumens


Adjustable ventilation system

Side-by-side 4.75˝ fans with manual dial controller, 220 CFM

6700 hr rated lifespan

Air turn-over in as little as 50 seconds


Acoustic panels with soundproofing capabilities made from post-consumer recycled glass bottles and covered with high-grade acoustic fabric

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