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Are you looking for a better way to work in your office while having the ability to focus and concentrate in a busy environment?

Our 2 person meeting pods are the perfect solution! They provide ultra-convenient, customizable, and soundproof areas that are designed to promote collaboration and productivity even in open-plan offices. Whether you’re having an important client call or needing a private room for confidential conversations, our meeting pods offer everything you need in one product.

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Two Person Office Pods

Our office pods offer so much more than a place to facilitate focused work. Each has its own style and purpose, for example: holding small meetings, private conversations, and telephone calls.

These small meeting pods are customizable and easy to install, making them the perfect solution for optimizing your office location.

You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort with our meeting pods — they come with modern design features like built-in modular furniture and adjustable lighting. Plus, they provide excellent noise isolation so that everyone can stay focused on their task without distraction from outside this mobile meeting room.


Meeting pods

A meeting pod is a must-have for any office, especially for those with open floor plans. The soundproof space allows people to meet and discuss important issues regarding the business and any projects.

Meeting Pods provide a convenient and private space for small group collaborations. This innovative product allows you to host meetings in an enclosed, soundproof environment with options for adjustable thermostats, ambient lighting control, and secure locks for maximum privacy and comfort.

The modern design also ensures your workspace remains clutter-free. Whether you need additional space for team collaborations or just want to create a comfortable environment for confidential conversations, Meeting Pods have got you covered. Upgrade your workspace today with the perfect solution!

We have some excellent meeting room options, each with a unique design and extra features.

  • The Silent Room Pod is a meeting pod that offers great value for money and that can easily substitute the usual meeting rooms.
  • The Hush Meet Pod is ideal for two people and will accommodate most office spaces. It’s also fully dismountable, allowing you to take it anywhere.
  • If you’re looking for an open meeting room with soundproofing capabilities, the Nook Huddle Booth is semi-enclosed and has a professional finish.
  • The Residence Duo Pod is highly compact, with two cushioned seats for people to meet and collaborate.
  • The Lohko Meeting Pod, in all its sizes, comes fully equipped with an air-circulation system, lighting system, as well as power and USB connections in all phone booths.

Work pods/Focus room

Work pods and focus rooms are perfectly suited for collaboration or as designated workspaces, as they have enough space for two people to work. We recommend the Hush Twin Pod office pod for an ultra-modern aesthetic, with its unique features and effortless appeal.

Another popular option in our range is the Silent Room Pod, which has everything a work pod should have. It can double as an office phone booth due to its many power sockets and USB ports. but it is still suitable if you’re on a budget.

Why choose a two-person office pod as a workspace solution?

The open plan office is popular because it doesn’t leave anybody out and ensures all team members have a place to collaborate and share information with one another. However, it does create its own set of drawbacks, mainly: it’s noisy, it lacks privacy, and it can lead to lower productivity.

Installing an office pod as a workspace solution allows you to tackle all of these issues and more:

Soundproof phone booths block out noise

One of the worse things about being in an office is being unable to deal with distractions. Noise is common, but our office pods have a superior acoustic construction that ensures no noise gets in. Your team can collaborate and enjoy privacy without compromising the open office layout.

Make the workplace a better place to be

Stress and mental health issues are common in today’s workplace, resulting in lost employee output as they’re off sick. Sometimes, a quiet space is all you need.

Our office pods are fully enclosed, so your employees can enjoy privacy as well as peace and quiet.

A phone booth for any area or space in your office

Discover the best solutions for your needs at our online store, including focus pods for four people, and meeting booths that fit up to six people – or even more. We also have office phone booths and conferencing rooms at great prices.

Simple installation

Better still, office pod installation does not require you to have any DIY skills as they are all easy to construct. Many also come with wheels, so you can move them around whenever necessary without worrying about damaging the floors. Or you can take them with you if you move offices.

With various accessories, these mobile soundproof pods are ideal for any office suite or remote working environment.

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Whether you’re looking for large pods or booths that facilitate team meetings, increase meeting spaces or a range of two-person pods, you’ll find everything you need at our online store. All you have to do is choose your preferred pod and wait for delivery. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help.