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Office Phone Booths

Office Phone Booths

Phone booths offer an unbeatable space to make and take phone calls in comfort. You don’t have to walk to the corridor, get out of the building or duck behind our desk cubicles to speak in privacy and not disturb others.

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Treehouse Pods

Meeting Pods

Meeting pods which can accommodate small and large groups of people offer a flexible alternative to meeting rooms in the office. Meeting rooms take a large amount of space and become occupied quickly, sometimes by one or two people when they are designed to host ten or more.

Work Booth

Work Pods

In the modern day open plan office, finding areas to concentrate on work can be a challenge and sometimes not even possible. Work Pods provide an individual quiet space for focused work, video conferencing and thinking time, some where to get your head-down and grind out the important tasks at hand without distractions.

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It takes 23 minutes to completely refocus after being distracted at work.

 – University of California

We lose an average of 90 minutes productivity a day from distractions at work.

 – IPSOS study

99% of people admitted they get distracted by noise or conversations in the office.

Leesman study

About Us

Welcome to My Office Pods, the online store for office pods.

My Office Pods was started as soon as we realised that unless you have an in-depth knowledge of office furniture, finding a office pod or phone booth online is not easy and finding what you need a good price is even harder. Our ranges include meeting pods, phone booths and work pods, all of which can be finished with different colour fabrics and materials and include different optional extras.

Our aim is to keep things simple for you and you can therefore expect us to:

Show you options on our website to give you an overview of what’s available from our extensive list of suppliers. If you need something slightly different we can provide that to, just let us know what your requirement is.

We will also provide guidance (if you need it) through free consultation, using our expert knowledge of the product and how to deliver and install them.

We will also provide convenient delivery and installation options, at times that suit you, including out of office hours and on weekends.

Above everything, we want to provide our customers with a leading service, from inquiry to installation.

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