Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth
Prime Phone Booth

Prime Phone Booth

Escape the noise and find peace with the Prime Phone Booth. This expertly crafted private retreat is the ultimate solution for open office workers in need of privacy and focus. Designed with agility in mind, the Microoffice Prime provides everything you need to talk or work in complete silence.


Prime Phone Booth is perfect for creative brainstorming and private conversations


Dimensions: 46″ × 90″ x 39″ inch

  • High performing acoustics
  • Ceiling – sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation
  • Automatic air ventilation system and lighting included, as standard
  • Glass frame and door handle made with real wood
  • Desk: 23″ × 12.5″ × 1.5″ inch, height 42″ mm – standing option table in the middle of the wall solid oak wood/black varnish
  • Optional stool available
  • Integrated power unit included, as standard

Prime Phone Booth

Discover the ultimate space for creative brainstorming and important conversations at Prime Phone Booth. With its sleek, minimalist design, including glass and solid walls, a sturdy roof, and a ventilation system that’s second to none, you’ll find the perfect environment to dive into work or make that crucial call. Experience top-quality acoustics and enjoy the peace and quiet you need to truly concentrate.

Prime, the ultimate phone booth for office workers seeking peace and quiet. This standalone oasis offers a space to make personal or work-related calls, as well as conduct conference calls and focus on important tasks.

Say goodbye to cumbersome installations and renovations – this acoustic office booth provides a serene environment without the hassle. With its sleek design and efficient ventilation system, the Microoffice Prime guarantees a stellar user experience.

Prime phone booth – a sleek and modern design that combines premium fabric, glass, and warm oak. This innovative phone booth is designed to provide a comfortable and private space for users. The standard model includes a solid roof with lighting, but for those who prefer a more open atmosphere, there is also an option for a skylight-inspired glass ceiling.

Inside, you’ll find two solid sound-absorbing sandwich panel walls with acoustic insulation, creating a quiet and peaceful environment. The door and opposite glass wall are sound-insulated, ensuring privacy and reducing noise disturbances.


Not only is the Prime phone booth functional, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any office setting. Its inviting design signals to others that the space is occupied and supports the user’s every need. Experience the perfect blend of style and practicality with the Microoffice Prime.

The Prime Phone Space—a stunning acoustic phone booth solution. Combining elegant fabrics, warm oak, and glass, this expertly crafted phone space is the perfect addition to any space. With carefully selected hinges, it delivers both style and functionality.

Pro-cognitive lighting:

One advantage of pro-cognitive lighting that is now being installed by SilentLab in its Microoffice range, it is an increase in concentration, i.e. support for cognitive performance, vigilance and alertness.

Air conditioning:

Equipment developed to manage the temperature of air brought into the environment of an acoustic room in cooperation with The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU (UCEEB). This equipment, the first in its category, can, without condensate, cool the environment by 4–5ºC.

Graphical control panel:

A new type of control panel with an option for more precise and user-friendly control of lights and ventilation in the acoustic room.


Size: 2 person, 3-4
Function: Acoustic, Desk, Mobile, Sofa

Structural Details:
Exterior dimensions: 2520w x 2270h x 1320d mm
Interior dimensions: 2245w 2150h x 1200d mm
Sound-insulating front and back glass panels
Sound-absorbing solid walls at each side and ceiling panel

Essential Facilities:
LED lighting and scope of both automated and manual ventilation.
Desk and seating options.
Integrated power unit with USB, different versions are available.
Anthracite grey carpet provided as standard.
Multiple finish options available.
Magnetic locking door.
Efficient ventilation system.
Integrated motion sensor.

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