Large Pods

Our pods facilitate collaboration and maximize productivity within the workplace.

We all know how stressful a busy office can be – but open-plan workplaces are essential for effective employee communication and collaboration. Luckily there is a great solution to ensure your team has the private space they need to work effectively; an office pod.

Large Pods are an intelligent, one-off investment that will come with you wherever you go. Open-plan offices are, without a doubt, the preferred layout design for modern-day offices, but they can negatively impact employee morale.

Pods are ideal because they promote focused work, as well as double as meeting rooms.

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Pods are cost-effective alternatives to traditional meeting rooms

In the past, if businesses needed more space, they would have to pay for extra office space or build a meeting room, but today pods are taking over. Why? Because they’re a cheaper and more convenient alternative.

Adding large built-in meeting rooms to any office can take a lot of time and money and is often futile as many offices are tied to restrictive leasing rules.

For these occasions adding large pods instead can be an ideal solution as they can instantly create fully enclosed private and spacious rooms, perfect for large team meetings.

Office pods are flexible

Large Pods will not impact the structure of your office because they are free-standing. Most arrive flat-packed and are relatively easy to assemble, but you can dismantle them as and when needed.

Better still, even when your office lease runs out, you’ll be able to move the pods with you to your new location, saving money.

Meeting pods are well-equipped

Large Pods are exceptionally well equipped. They are self-contained rooms fitted with integrated light and ventilation systems, as well as various power units with data connection options.

Many of our Large Pods also come equipped with furniture such as tables and sofas, TV brackets, and other accessories that will make your meetings more efficient and comfortable.

Despite their larger size, Large Pods have excellent acoustic properties, thanks to the sound-absorbing materials used in their walls, ceiling, and/or floors.

Though the level of sound absorption provided by Large Pods varies from one model to the other, all fully enclosed Large Pods will provide acoustic protection from external noises and disruptions.

Customization options

As well as benefiting from the quality of materials and the equipment offered by Large Pods, they also come in a wide variety of designs and finishes.

They are available in a myriad of shapes and styles that can be further customized with different finishes ensuring there is a suitable look for every possible office design.

Finishes range from simple melamine walls in neutral colors, to predominantly glazed structures for a more open and light look. You can also opt for a fully upholstered unit to create a more welcoming effect.

Large Pods are the perfect solution for offices looking to add spacious, comfortable, and private meeting rooms to their work spaces.

These structures can efficiently and effectively replace traditional meeting rooms or boardrooms, reimagining your current open-plan space for the better.

Buy large office pods today

These pods can double as meeting rooms, office phone booths, and quiet places for your employees to work. They’re a great way to future-proof your business and boost employee loyalty – which is vital in today’s society.

If you’re looking for an effortlessly stylish design, why not look at our Silent Room Pod here? As you can see, it’s fully enclosed and ideal for team meetings.

The Lohko Flex Pod holds an impressive 10 to 28 users, creating a secure environment for teams to share ideas and discuss confidential issues.

We offer:

  • An assortment of customization features, including colors and fabrics
  • Speedy delivery on all of our pods
  • Flat-packed upon arrival for easy assembly
  • Soundproofing to block our exterior noise
  • Excellent support from a friendly customer service team

Shop today and enjoy the convenience of a more productive and happy office.