3-4 person pods

Private, soundproof pods to facilitate a more productive workplace 

The norm for many companies now is to use an open office format. It encourages collaboration, and employees receive equal treatment instead of those lucky few getting a corner office.

However, open offices can be noisy environments that cause a lot of distraction for teams – especially if there are ongoing phone calls and video chats.

Office pods are a welcome solution because they ensure all employees can focus on their duties and also have the opportunity to communicate with one another effectively.

We offer a range of office pods in different sizes; but our three to four-person pods are perfect for private meetings and come in a range of finish options.

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Pods for private meetings

There’s nothing worse than trying to discuss important matters in the middle of your office; a meeting room is essential for daily operations. We offer soundproof pods that fit seamlessly into a modern office space and never fail to perform well.

For a minimalistic aesthetic, the Hush Meet Pod offers an assortment of neutral tones, with a motion sensor ventilation system and USB ports.

The Kolo Meeting Pod is perfect if you want to add a private meeting room to the work environment. Four people can fit inside the pod, making it a good option if you’d like extra space for performance reviews or management meetings.

For a free-spirited office, our Zenbooth Quad Pod accommodates four people and has a skylight, which doesn’t close the pod off, but still offers privacy away from the office environment.

Collaboration pods for extra room

Pods also provide a comfortable and inviting space for collaboration, allowing team members to share ideas and work in close proximity.

With a larger area to work in than inside an individual cubicle, the pods offer more freedom of movement and enhanced comfort while maintaining social distancing.

We have a range of pods explicitly developed for your team to come up with solutions and work on projects.

Create a productive, noise-free environment with Zonez Collaboration Pods and help your team become more effective.

With various sizes available, the meeting room can accommodate up to eight people and easily doubles as an additional workspace.

The benefits of three to four person pods

There are numerous benefits for offices that implement pods for their employees.

Here are the main advantages of office pods:

Improve employee loyalty

Employees who feel unhappy in the work environment will go elsewhere. For example, a crowded office means many employees won’t feel comfortable at their workstation, but investing in pods guarantees more happiness among each team member.

Give your team a place to escape

The acoustics of meeting and collaboration pods allow people to escape from the hectic office environment and enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s easy to become stressed at work, but providing a quiet place will make a significant difference.

Maintain confidentiality

We all know that offices are a hub for gossip, but pods can offer management teams peace of mind when it comes to keeping important information private. Not only is this important for company security, but it also ensures your team can come to you with any issues.

Equip your office the simple way

Whatever your budget is, you’ll find a pod to suit your needs at My Office Pod. Our affordable products will serve as long-term solutions for a more productive workspace.

Customize each meeting room

Each workstation or collaboration pod offers a range of customization options. Most pods come with different colors and accessories so that you can tailor them to the bespoke needs of your office.

Better still, you won’t have to spend a fortune on equipping your business, but you can still appreciate our quality.

Appreciate speedy delivery

We always do our best to deliver your pods as soon as possible. Once you place your order, we’ll get straight to work and keep you informed until your new pod space reaches your office.

Choose from a range of products

There are so many innovative pods available, and we make it our mission to bring them to you. You have your pick of furnishings, from pods containing desks to phone booths and large meeting spaces.

Need some help choosing? We’re always available

We have so many pods available, so please get in touch with us if you’d like some advice. We’ll help you find the right booth for your employees – we know how important it is to get a positive return on your investment.

Our team can also quote you on a pod with customizations and fabric choices. We look forward to helping you.