Hush Access Pod
Hush Access Pod
Hush Access Pod
Hush Access Pod
Hush Access Pod

Hush Access Pod

The Hush Access Pod is an ADA compliant modular booth with a 37.16″ wide entrance, lower threshold and convenient latch handle. Whether it is a small and casual meet or video calls needed in open plan environments or a formal board meeting of up to six people, the Hush Access Pod provides the perfect private, accessible, mobile meeting space, helping to reduce noise and replacing stress with harmony and peace. The Hush range of acoustic pods and provides ideal acoustic conditions for the people and team inside Hush pods as well as those working outside.


Hush Access Pod provides wheelchair accessibility within the office space


Dimensions: 102 in x 87.4in x 106.2in

Weight: 1708 lbs

  • Fully ADA Compliant wwith wide door. low threshold and latch handle
  • Variety of interior fabric finishes available
  • Adjustable lighting and ventilation, motion sensor activated
  • Power module (2x power, 2x USB type A, 2x USB type C, 2x RJ45) included, as standard
  • Modular construction, allows you to increase/decrease space
  • Option to hang a tv screen on the central column
  • Optional integrated table and benches provide space for additional seating
  • Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
  • Acoustic certification of speech suppression and sound reduction

Hush Access Pod

This Hush Access Pod is a spacious, ADA compliant meeting pod designed for convenience and comfort. With a wide entrance, 0.1″ height threshold, and user-friendly latch handle, this booth is easily accessible. Gather with a group or team of up to four people or six comfortably, depending on your desired configuration.

The ADA Hush Pod is a versatile acoustic pod, perfect for collaborative work, brainstorming sessions and group meetings of up to 4-6 people. Its modular design allows for easy transportation & installation and also customization and various seating arrangements. With a low doorstep and wider door, it offers wheelchair accessibility. Plus, the sleek color schemes ensure it blends seamlessly into any office space. Experience the ultimate flexible solution for your workspace.

It has transparent glass so this does not disturb the flow of light and can be put in the middle of the office or up against the wall, this also allows people to see whether these large acoustic pods are occupied or vacant.

The Hush Access Pod comes with adjustable lighting & ventilation, power, and an air circulation system as standard. Being as the acoustic pod is supplied empty, the Hush ADA Pod is essentially a modular, mobile freestanding design that can be used for a variety of applications: private offices, conferences & collaboration, multiple workstations, break & socialization, recording & editing etc. However, there is an optional table as an extra should this be required that has been shaped to ensure the space within the booth is optimized.

Whether it is a small and casual meet or a formal board meeting, the Hush Access Pod provides the perfect private, modular, mobile meeting space, replacing stress with harmony and peace. Hush ADA Pod is ideal for highly private group meetings due to tyhe superior acoustics fabric tiles, laminated glass door and laminated rear glass.



4-6 people


Acoustic, Desk, Mobile


Construction based on the metal frame and honeycomb board with aluminium nodes

Side panels made of 3-layer honeycomb board, 38mm thickness

Both sides are melamine covered, finished with laser edging

Middle column is made of 3-layer melamine chipboard, 18mm thickness, finished with laser edging

The back of the middle column is finished in Cosmos Grey only

Adjustable levelling feet


Thermally fused laminate table

Removable acoustic fabric tiles

2,5 in grommets in ceiling for sprinkler provision

Optional cable grommet (60 Ø mm), positioned on the middle column, enabling cables to run from a TV into the column
Back and front panels made of safety glass, 10mm thick with acoustic seal

Door made of tempered glass, 8mm thick, with layers of acoustic film and a latch handle


Back and front glass panels are safety glass made with glued technology – 10mm thick
Glass panels are placed in aluminium profiles with acoustic seals
Door made of tempered, bonded glass, with latched handle and hinges


Power module (2x power, 2x USB type A, 2x USB type C, 2x RJ45)

11.82 ft power cable with 110V plug

Ventilation & Lighting

Presence-activated ventilation and LED lighting guarantee comfort and convenience

Air ventilation (activated by motion sensor)

Led ceiling light (run by motion sensor)


Upholstered panels made of chipboard covered with polyurethane foam
MURA – Weight: 230-240 g/m2 – Composition: 100% polyester, Abrasion resistance: 80000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2), Pilling resistance: 4-5 (EN ISO12945-2), Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-BO2)

WOOL – Weight: 325 g/m2 – Composition: 70%WO, 20%PL, 5%PA, 5%AF, Abrasion resistance: 100.000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2), Fastness to Rubbing: Wet: 4/5; Dry: 4/5 (ISO105 – X12), Light fastness: 5 (EN ISO 105-BO2), Flammability – cigarette and match (BS-EN 1021- 1, 2) (BS 5852 – 0, 1)

PETRUS – Weight: 389 g/m2, Composition: 100% polyester, Abrasion resistance: 80,000, Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2), – light resistance: 3-4, (EN ISO 105-BO2)

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