Snapcab Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod
Snap Meeting Pod

Snap Meeting Pod

Snap Office Pods are a free-standing, private, and mobile meeting space that contains everything needed to meet in privacy and where employees can focus in a peaceful space. These workspace pods are available in a variety of sizes that can fit different numbers of people, according to the individual needs of each user, and this ranges from two, four, or six people at one time. These meeting pods are an excellent example of interior architecture and are also pretty flexible as they are highly configurable in terms of the finishes and materials available for both internal and external panels.


Snap Meeting Pod is equipped with everything for a professional and comfortable workspace


Dimensions: 77in wide x 90in high x 35.5in deep (2 person)

Dimensions: 77in wide x 90in high x 53in deep (4 person)

Dimensions:77in wide x 90in high x 77in deep (6 person)

  • Modular panel system that allows changes and updates to the design and finish
  • Heavy-gauge aluminium substructure
  • Full glass front with ⅜” tempered glass and an 18” tall door pull
  • Frames are available in a variety of anodized aluminium finishes or powder-coated colors
  • Highly configurable, with a variety of finishes available for the internal and external walls, in laminate or fabric, with options to mix and match between walls
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Snap office pod comes furnished, with option to come empty
  • Integrated power bar with x2 110VAC outlet and x4 USB charging ports
  • Dimmable and motion-activated LED downlights included
  • Optional rear perimeter lighting is available as an extra
  • Motion-activated ventilation system included
  • Seismic-certified and built to accommodate sprinkler systems
  • Carpeted floor included in oxford grey, as standard
  • Fitted with heavy-duty castors to allow maximum flexibility and mobility
  • Use of acoustic materials and double-sealed door for added privacy

Snap Meeting Pod

Snap Meeting Pods have a heavy-gauge aluminum structure, with a frame available in a variety of aluminum finishes or powder-coated colors, to create the desired look. The external walls are available in a variety of finishes, from various fabric options in a wide range of textures and colors, to different laminate finishes and furniture options. There is also the option to mix finishes from wall to wall, and there is even the possibility of having different finishes on the same wall. These same variety of finishes and wide range of configurations available are also applicable in the interior of Snap Meeting Pod, which allows users to create the perfect look on the outside and the ideal atmosphere on the inside.

Snap Meeting Pod not only offers a great and complete meeting pod in terms of looks, it is also equipped with everything needed to hold face-to-face conversations, team meetings, or a virtual meeting within a professional and comfortable workspace. It comes fitted with LED downlights included, with the option to further enhance this by having rear perimeter lights fitted. This meeting pod also comes with an integrated ventilation system with motion sensor activated, as well as power and USB connections, and it can also be fitted with fire sprinklers. The two, four, and six-person office pods are furnished with twin sofas and a desk for group collaboration and focused team meetings..

The Snap Meeting Pod offers a high degree of sound absorption thanks to the use of acoustic materials throughout its construction. It has acoustic tiles on walls and ceiling, as well as a carpeted floor and a double-sealed door. All of these attributes make sure users can meet and work in privacy, with conversations inside or group work talks being kept private and confidential, as needed.

To add to these properties, the Snap Meeting Pod is also a fully mobile pod; it is fitted with heavy-duty castors that allow the pod to be moved around the office as and when needed, making sure this meeting pod remains flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the modern office. Snap Meeting Pod is, all in all, a highly functional office pod, an adaptable self-sufficient space that can instantly add fully equipped and comfortable areas that can be used to provide a quiet space for focus or for a number of different purposes.

The standard models are fitted with sofas and a central table for one-to-ones, larger team meetings for people to connect, or additional accessories such as high table and chairs, or even with puffs, sofas, and coffee tables to create the ideal relaxation areas for staff. Whatever the purpose needed, and if you are thinking of adding pods to your workspace, whatever configuration you choose, adding a Snap Meet Pod to your office space will make a huge difference in the working lives of all its users.



Frames are available in a variety of anodized aluminium finishes or powder-coated colors

Highly configurable, with a variety of finishes available for the internal and external wall panels


Motion-activated downlight LED lighting


x2 110VAC outlet and x4 USB charging ports


Integrated table and sofas in all pods are available in a variety of finishes, and additional furniture accessories are also available


The use of acoustic materials within the pods includes a double-sealed door, acoustic ceiling, a glass partition wall system, and a carpeted floor

High Quality

Strong, sturdy, and crafted with intention. Snap uses materials that can withstand high-traffic environments and allow for the most use out of the product.


Casters and leveling feet allow for easy and flexible relocation of the pods, enough to adapt to the changing needs of your workspace. Available floorless for wheelchair accessibility.


Users’ safety is important, and all of the Snap products undergo rigorous testing to meet top safety requirements. UL-listed, seismic-certified, fire-rated, and CARB Phase II-compliant.

Sound Privacy

Acoustic materials are used in the pod, such as double-sealed doors, sound-masking fans, and more, to create a comfortable, quiet, and secluded space for uninterrupted work.

Air Quality

Snap Meeting pods use a top-to-bottom air flow exchange, pulling fresh air in through ceiling fans and exiting through floor vents. This gives users a fresh environment with the cleanest air flow, exchanging fully every 90 seconds. There is no need to worry about being stuck in an enclosed office workspace with bad air.

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