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Studio ADA Pod

Introducing the revolutionary Studio ADA Pod – a bold shakeup in inclusive meeting spaces. This multi-seater meeting booth has been meticulously designed with ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance at the forefront, ensuring it is truly accessible for everyone. With an innovative automatic sliding door, it promises easy access and effortless entry and exit, eliminating cumbersome obstacles. But that’s not all. The Studio ADA Pod features adaptability at its finest with rearrangeable seating options, allowing you to create and mold the space to perfectly suit your meeting requirements.

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Studio ADA Pod is a stand-alone private space with ADA accessible options


Dimensions: 85″w x 86″h x 82.75″d (3-4 people)

  • ADA Compliant
  • All electronics are located at easily accessible positions
  • Ultra high power ventilation with its nine airfow settings
  • Floorless design and stepless entrance
  • Spacious Motorized Adjustable Desk
  • Dimmable and positionable LED Gimbal lighting
  • Integrated power connections included
  • Walls are covered with large sound-absorbing acoustic panels
  • Two large dual pane acrylic skylights

Studio ADA Pod

Additionally, the height-adjustable desk is a testament to our commitment to ergonomics, accommodating varying needs with ease. Our Studio Pod is more an office than a booth; it’s a stylish, comprehensive, functional, solution ready to accommodate all, leaving no one out of important conversations and decisions. Great for team collaboration, brainstorming or individual focus, these pods are a truly versatile option for additional meeting space.

A Truly Inclusive ADA Meeting Pod

The incredibly innovative floorless design, coupled with the seamless, no-step entrance and advanced automatic door functionality, significantly enhances accessibility for all users and is ADA compliant. Especially for those individuals who experience limited mobility, every feature has been meticulously crafted to ensure absolute ease of use. These mindful designs provide customers with an effortless and smooth transition, removing any potential obstacles in access, thus making a profound difference in their everyday lives.

Acoustic Panels Mean Superior Soundproofing

The Studio meeting pod has been ingeniously crafted with a competent sound dampening design, a gift that keeps on giving in terms of maintaining confidentiality and promoting tranquility.

It is primarily designed to effortlessly deal with echoes, completely eliminating every trace of them to deliver clear, undistorted sound. Not only that, but the intelligent architecture also meticulously ensures a minimal escape of sound from within the booth and similarly prevents unwanted noise from entering it.

This state-of-the-art meeting pod is in a league of its own, providing an impressive noise reduction of about 30-decibels. Now, every conversation inside the booth becomes an intimate dialogue, and every discussion transforms into a strategic plan, free from any external disturbances. Make every conversation count with our superior meeting pod.

Experience the modernized architectural beauty of our two large, dual-pane acrylic skylights. Carefully crafted to amplify the flood of pristine, natural light into your space, these skylights welcome a brighter day and a tranquil night. But the features don’t cease at aesthetics alone.

With its superb acoustic performance, this private office pod provides a serene, quieter setting. Let our skylights transcend your living space or workspace, providing you with a luminous, serene atmosphere while simultaneously proving themselves as a testament to high-end design and functionality.



High-quality tempered safety glass and aluminum frame

Space-Saving Sliding Door for complete privacy

Skylight Roof – Two large dual pane acrylic skylights provide increased natural light while maintaining excellent acoustic performance

Floorless design


Spacious Motorized Adjustable Desk – The large (74.75 w X 25″ d)


Equipped with 4 power outlets, 4 USB port connections and outlets

Input: 110 VAC, up to 3A (plus and electronics plugged into power outlets/USB ports), 50-60 Hz USB Output: DC 5V, 2.1A

5 ft power cord (easily extendable with extension cable). Simply plug the power cord into any grounded US 110 V outlet

Adjustable LED Lights: 5000K

4x Gimbal LED Downlight CRI90 Dimmable: 0-3,600 LM


Adjustable ventilation system: 0-404 CFM (air turnover in as low as 0.5 min)


Interior Acoustic Panels: Three of the walls are covered with large sound-absorbing acoustic panels made from post-consumer recycled glass bottles and covered with high-grade acoustic fabric

ADA Compliance

ADA-compliant Compliant Door – Door Opening: 37.25”w x 80.25” h

Accessible Electronics – All electronics are located at easily accessible positions

Automatic door

Motorized Adjustable Desk

Turn radius: 60″ turn diameter in front of desk, 72.5″ turn diameter including the space below the desk

Floorless design and stepless entrance increase ease of access for individuals with limited mobility


Additional furniture and chairs are available, extra power equipment, i.e monitor arms, Custom colors, custom materials, wraps, logos and advertisements; and white glove installation

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