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Probox Quattro Meeting Box
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Probox Quattro Pod

Introducing the Probox Quattro Pod – a revolutionary pod meticulously designed to create the perfect setting for immersive discussions and strategic planning sessions. With its spacious interiors and accessories, this cutting-edge quad pod comfortably accommodates up to four individuals, ensuring optimal interaction and productivity.


Probox Quattro Pod is an innovative meeting space to develop ideas and boost productivity



Dimensions: 91.34in wide x  88.98in high x 67.52in deep (4 person)

  • Easy to install and move quickly and adaptable to your needs and requirements
  • Superb acoustics thanks to clever technology and a conscious choice of materials
  • Plug and play: a power plug is provided for the whole box, so no electrical work is required.
  • Larger dimensions, other configurations, and customization options are available.
  • Compact The foldable modules and flat panels make for compact storage and transport.
  • Perfect for meetings and video calls
  • Smart acoustics with acoustically absorbent materials that reduce ambient noise
  • A wide range of finishes are available
  • Integrated CO2-controlled ventilation and lighting system
  • Plug & Play, includes power socket
  • Natural light passes through the glass wall and glass door
  • Sustainable: Fully reusable in other setups, including as a partition or Make use of the JUUNOO Buyback Guarantee

Probox Quattro Pod

Step inside the box and unlock a world of collaboration like never before. The carefully crafted environment of the Probox Quattro Pod fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages active participation. Engage in lively conversations, brainstorm ideas, and witness effective communication unfold among your team members. Experience the true power of teamwork in this state-of-the-art meeting pod. By embracing this innovative concept, your team can unlock their full potential, resulting in extraordinary outcomes. Let the Probox Quattro Pod redefine the way you collaborate today!

Introducing an innovative setting that revolutionizes the meeting experience. Step into a world of limitless possibilities, where creativity knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in a welcoming and adaptable environment carefully crafted to foster collaborative success. Explore the depths of engagement, where you connect, ideas come to life, and dreams become realities. Discover the perfect blend of versatility and comfort, embracing a place where productivity and inspiration thrive harmoniously. Say hello to a new era of remarkable meetings.


Are you looking to transform your enclosed workspace? Consider the versatile Probox Quattro Pod system, where the walls can be effortlessly converted into partition walls. This allows your office layout to adapt and evolve alongside your company’s needs, ensuring an engaging and dynamic work environment that fosters productivity and creativity. Embrace this innovative solution and unlock new possibilities for your workspace.

The Probox Quattro Pod booth is designed to create the perfect environment for your work, providing you with unparalleled peace, quiet, and tranquility. Crafted with acoustically absorbent materials both on the inside and outside, this innovative solution guarantees an immersive and distraction-free experience. Whether you’re focusing on deep work, making important calls, or simply seeking a moment to recharge, the Probox Quattro Pod is your haven of productivity. Say goodbye to noise and hello to unparalleled concentration with this exceptional workspace companion.



Standard ClickWall walls or customized the wall options are available

Natural light due to glass door panel and glass door

Ventilation and Lighting

CO2-controlled ventilation and automatic lighting system, through the minibox


Excellent acoustics in your soundproof booth thanks to clever technology and a conscious choice of materials

USB Ports and Power:

Power socket to keep you connected


Furniture options includes integrated table, sofas, stools or central desk space with chairs

Temperature Control:

Integrated ventilation system


The foldable modules and flat panels make for compact storage and transport

Easy to store and transport thanks to collapsible modules and flat panels

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