Access Work Pod
Access Work Pod ADA
Access Work Pod ADA
Access Work Pod ADA
Access Work Pod ADA
Access Work Pod
Access Work Pod
Access Work Pod

Access Work Pod

Access Work Pod is a single-occupancy work and meeting pod specifically designed to provide full ease of access to all users. Put simply, this work pod is a box-like structure, fully enclosed with walls, a ceiling, and a front glass door, that provides private spaces where users can sit and work in silence—an upgrade of the classic office phone booth. Access work pods have revolutionized accessibility for wheelchair users, making it easy to enter and use the pod with no step-up required. Aptly named “The Access Pod,” it is a silent work oasis, complete with lowered knob locations, horizontal door handles, an automatic door function, and customizable desk options not found in most traditional phone booths.


Access Work Pod is an excellent choice for a truly accessible office space


Dimensions:  77in wide x 77in deep x 91.5in high (1 person)

  • Equipped with wheelchair ramp
  • Horizontal door handle and lower knob for ease of access
  • Option to add automatic operation for the door
  • Modular panel system that allows changes and updates to the design and finish
  • Heavy-gauge aluminium substructure
  • Full glass front with ⅜” tempered glass and a 37” doorway
  • Available in a variety of laminate finishes, from solid colours to wood grains
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Triangular, corner table included (43” x 30”), in matte grey with options to be customized
  • Integrated power bar with power outlet and USB charging port
  • Dimmable and motion-activated LED downlights included
  • Optional rear perimeter lighting is available as an extra
  • Motion-activated ventilation system included
  • Seismic-certified and built to accommodate sprinkler systems
  • Carpeted floor included in oxford Grey as standard but flooring can be removed for a fully step-free access
  • Fitted with heavy-duty castors to allow maximum flexibility and mobility
  • Use of acoustic materials and double-sealed door for added privacy



Access Work Pod

The custom desk options and handle locations of acoustic pods make it a breeze to work in. This quiet workspace was specifically created with wheelchair accessibility in mind, complete with automatic door functions. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating inaccessible workspaces and allow you to carry out focused work, concentrate on a project, or hold your phone calls in style with SnapCab pods.

Enter the world of accessible workspaces with SnapCab pods. Seamlessly removing the floor for a step-free entrance, “The Access” pods are fully compliant with regulations; they tick all the boxes for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Now it’s even easier for your employees and everyone else to enjoy the convenience of Access pods. Modern offices have evolved to incorporate privacy solutions that provide employees with the space they need to concentrate and complete tasks without being disturbed. SnapCab Access pods are a game-changer when it comes to privacy solutions.
These pods provide a quiet and comfortable space to hold confidential conversations, make phone calls, or simply take a break from the distractions of the workplace.

This work pod has everything needed to provide fully equipped individual offices that can easily replace a common, built-in office space. Suitable for video calls, a virtual team meeting, or just to reflect and focus on the task at hand, these meeting pods are great for public spaces as well as an open area within a business. Over two decades ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, marking a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. For the first time, individuals with disabilities were guaranteed the right to equal access and opportunity in the workplace, in schools and universities, and in public places.

The law has had a major impact on countless Americans, providing necessary accommodations and leveling the playing field for those with disabilities. While there is still work to be done to ensure full accessibility and inclusion for everyone, the passage of the ADA was a critical step forward towards a more just and equitable society.
Access Work Pod is made of an aluminum substructure that provides a sturdy structure and seating to make users feel secure and protected. It also has a full glass front made of ⅜” tempered glass and fitted with a 37” doorway, which allows easy access for wheelchair users.

This accessibility is further enhanced by a horizontal door handle with a low-level knob. There is also an option to optimize the door specification with an automatic operation. Access Work Pod truly has ‘access’ at the core of its design. Further to the already-mentioned characteristics, this work pod can be provided without a floor for step-free access.
Alternatively, it can have a carpeted floor, if that is the preference, but be equipped with a ramp to make sure this work pod remains accessible at all times.

Adding to the benefits and great ease of access provided by the Access Work Pod, comfort is further enhanced by the quality and scope of its equipment. It comes fitted with dimmable LED downlights, motion activation, and the option to add rear perimeter lighting.
It also has an integrated ventilation system, also with motion activation, to make sure users are kept fresh and well illuminated from the moment they come into the Access Work Pod space. It is also fitted with a built-in desk, strategically placed on the corner, and available for further configuration. This work pod also comes integrated with a power bar, containing power outlets and USB points.
Lookwise, Access Work Pod provides a high level of customization that will allow you to find the perfect finish to match with or stand out from any current office decor. The frame is available in a variety of anodized aluminum finishes or powder-coated colours.

While the interior wall panels have acoustic properties and are available in felt or laminate, both options are available in a variety of colors, and you can also mix colours across the top, middle, and bottom panels. This principle also applies to the internal walls, which can be fully upholstered to improve acoustics or laminated, and you can also have different colours for each wall as well as across each panel section.
Access Acoustic Pods are, all in all, truly accessible pods that give all users the equal opportunity to work in a fully equipped, comfortable, quiet, and private environment. Because this work pod is so highly customizable, it also gives companies the chance to play with the various different finishes in order to achieve the desired look and feel.

Access pods are not only functional and practical, but they also add a contemporary style to any office. With their sleek design, they are sure to impress employees and clients alike. SnapCab Access pods are a must-have for any modern workplace looking to increase employee productivity and satisfaction.



Available in a variety of laminate finishes, from solid colours to wood grains


Adjustable lighting with motion-activated downlight LED lights


Integrated power outlet and USB charging port


Integrated tabletop, available in matte grey as standard


Use of acoustic materials, double-sealed door, soundproofing throughout, acoustic ceiling and carpeted floor

Frame Colors

Anodized Aluminum: Clear , Black & Gold


Snap Acoustic Pods and phone booths stand by their quality and provide you with a 10-year structural warranty for all SnapCab Workspace products


Square Footage: 41 ft²

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