Zonez Conversation Pod

Introducing the Zonez Conversation Pod: the perfect solution for private and productive meetings. Tailor-made for two people, these expertly crafted meeting pods offer a serene environment to facilitate seamless collaboration in a peaceful setting. Say goodbye to noisy distractions and hello to your new go-to meeting spot.


Zonez Conversation Pod is a large privacy suite designed to eliminate distractions


Dimensions: 96in wide x 88in high x 48in deep

  • Optional P.E.T. acoustic panels or aluminum panels in a variety of colors
  • Optional melt-away ceiling tiles or open metal grid system
  • Fully ADA Compliant
  • Interior covered with P.E.T. acoustic panels
  • Option to choose window and wall configuration
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Optional integrated corner mounted work surface
  • Two acoustic levels available: STC35 and STC42
  • Motion activated overhead lights and fan
  • Two 110v power outlet, two USB ports

Zonez Conversation Pod

Zonez privacy suites feature a proprietary wall system that effectively blocks unwanted noise and ensures a peaceful environment for occupants. Get rid of outside disturbances and enjoy a more relaxing stay.

The Zonez suites are designed to eliminate noise distractions with STC 42 materials, insulated door frames, and dual-pane windows. This allows users to focus on business objectives while conversing at normal volumes without disturbing others.

This versatile suite can be constructed with three different ceiling configurations; an STC 42 ceiling that is built with three layers of sound abatement materials ensures a peaceful teamwork venue, while a melt-away ceiling tile or an open grid configuration is ideal when conforming with local fire suppression regulations.

These soundproof suites are specifically designed to accommodate up to 2 occupants, providing ample space for intimate conversations. And the best part? It is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice in meeting pods for companies and organizations.

Whether you’re looking for favorite space to discuss business deals, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy some quiet time, the ADA compliant Zonez Conversation Pod has your needs covered.

The Zonez suite provides occupants with ultimate comfort and privacy for business-oriented collaboration in peace. Its superior sound insulation technology is engineered using top of the line materials, meaning users can work without distractions from outside conversations or noise.

The Zonez meeting pod is also fully equipped with motion activated lights and air circulation system as well as eight power outlets and eight USB ports.

Functionality of these office pods can also be customized to add High five video conferencing systems, and Team meeting room booking system and analytics platform.

There is also the possibility to customize the look of this meeting booth by selecting panel finishes from a variety of colors available and also personalise the configuration of window or solid wall, image-printing on surfaces and the ability to hang cabinets on walls.

The entry wall features a self-closing storefront glass door with standard front and back dual-pane full windows maximize natural light.


Real wood veneer panels or laminate, available in a variety of colours

Dimmable and motion activated LED lights included

Motion activated, adjustable fan integrated

Power socket included, as standard

Provided empty as a standard, with options to add table and/or sofa

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