Hush Meet S

Hush Meet S Pod

Hush Meet S Pod can be moved and repositioned when needed anywhere in the office or even to completely different locations. This small meeting pod, fits perfect in most spaces and is mobile and adjustable to the changing needs of any organization. It can be used for a number of functions from an individual space to work in, to staff relaxation area or to state of the art meetings spaces.


Hush Meet S Pod is an ideal solution for open office noise and private office meetings

84.64in wide x 90.55in high x 35.4in deep (seats 2)

  • Variety of fabric finishes available
  • Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
  • Acoustic certification of speech suppression and sound reduction
  • Able to install a monitor onto the central column (TV and brackets by others)
  • Power unit (2no. power) and light switch mounted in the central column, as standard
  • Air circulation system and motion sensing light included, as standard
  • Great alternative to mini conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • Provides privacy for paticipants conversations, ideal for single or team use
  • Can be relocated with ease without disassembly

Hush Meet S Pod

The Hush Meet S Meeting Pod is a revolutionary solution for private conversation or meetings, creative work, group video conferences, and HR interviews. This sleek and modern design offers a fully dedicated meeting spot in an enclosed soundproof area for individuals or teams to meet and conduct their work without distractions or interruptions.

With the ability to connect seamlessly to virtual conferencing platforms, HushMeet Pod was designed to make group video conferences a breeze. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for a new project, conducting an HR interview, or recording a conversation for a podcast, the HushMeet S Pod is the ultimate option in acoustic solutions for privacy, focus and productivity.

Say goodbye to noisy open offices and hello to a peaceful space that allows you to be your most efficient and creative self! Hush Meet S Pod is an acoustic pod with a fully enclosed and private design which provides completely functional, open and comfortable spaces for up two people to create, work and meet in or hold energized meetings.

Built-in meeting rooms and offices are a thing of the past, permanent structures no longer need to be built into the office thanks to modular meeting pods providing a great alternative. Hush Meet S Pod can be dismantled and reassembled when needed anywhere in the office or even to completely different locations. Hush Meet S Meeting Pod provides a level of flexibility and adaptability that no built-in office will ever do, it moves with you whenever and wherever you need to go, making it a one-time investment that truly makes its cost worth.

Hush Meet S Pod is built with strong acoustic materials that help with battling distraction and provide a quiet and private space where to work without distractions of open office noise. It comes fully equipped with a central column and base where you can mount a TV or monitor to be used as presentation aid, or for virtual conferences.

This meeting pod, though small, has everything you would expect from a first-class office space, it comes with an integrated lighting and ventilation system that is powerful, yet peaceful. It also has power and USB connections, as well as integrated table and seats, so that once installed it is ready to use.

Same as other hushmeet pods in the same Hush meet range, Hush Meet S Pod has a clear glass back and front so that light can come in naturally, as well as providing a contemporary look that does not feel invasive or secluded, unlike common meeting rooms.

Hush Meet S Meeting pod provides a solution for the growing need for private rooms where to work, meet or simply relax in quiet and privacy. This small meeting pod, can fit in most spaces, is mobile and adjustable to the changing needs of any organization and can be used as a stand alone unit or the position can be adjusted to accommodate multiple units . It can be for a number of functions from individual spaces to work in, to staff relaxation areas to state of the art meeting spaces.



Construction based on the metal frame and honeycomb board with aluminum nodes

Side panels made of 3-layer honeycomb board, 38mm thickness

Both sides are melamine covered, finished with laser edging

Middle column is made of 3-layer melamine chipboard, 18mm thickness, finished with laser edging

The back of the middle column is finished in Cosmos Grey only
An optional cable grommet (60 mm Ø mm), positioned on the middle column, enabling cables to run from a TV into the column
Back and front panels made of safety glass, 10mm thick with acoustic seal. Door made of tempered glass, 8mm thick, with layers of acoustic film and a handle

Interior Color Finishes:

There are 24 interior colour options available to choose from to create your bespoke office meeting pod

Table top:

Dimensions: 535w x 770d mm, 3-layer melamine chipboard, 25mm thick. Worktop finished with laser edging

Upholstered elements:

Upholstered acoustic panels made of chipboard covered with polyurethane foam in a selection of 12 colour options


Power module (Power+USB+RJ45)

Led ceiling light with dimmer

Independent, manual smooth lighting and ventilation rotary knobs


Ventilation system activated by a presence sensor


The upholstery and double glazed door with acoustic film effectively absorbs open office noise and sound


HushMeet is an independent space powered by electricity, designed for providing comfortable conditions during office meetings


It barely occupies space needed for one standard workstation


Weight: 230-240 g/m2
Composition: 100% polyester
Abrasion resistance: 80000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2)
Pilling resistance: 4-5 (EN ISO12945-2)
Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-BO2)

Weight: 325 g/m2
Composition: 70%WO, 20%PL, 5%PA, 5%AF
Abrasion resistance: 100.000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2)
Fastness to Rubbing: Wet: 4/5; Dry: 4/5 (ISO105 – X12)
Light fastness: 5 (EN ISO 105-BO2)
Flammability – cigarette and match (BS-EN 1021- 1, 2) (BS 5852 – 0, 1)


You can move the pod without disassembly

Removable front panel for pallet jack

Levelling feet

Optional Greenwall:

Take care about the quality of the air in your office Each Hush in can be equipped with green wall, full of the vital plants

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