Hush Twin Pod

Hush Twin Pod is a creative and innovative phone pod, with an out of the box design and a focus on maximizing space and pod functionality. It is essentially two pods in one, it consists of two conjoined workstations, each completely equipped to function as two separate pods that provide the essential amount of working space but look like one single unit.


Hush Twin Pod utilizes a very small footprint while providing complete comfort and privacy

84.6in wide x 54.7in deep x 90.5in high

  • One pod, two individual/independent workstations
  • Variety of interior fabric finishes available
  • Adjustable lighting and ventilation, motion sensor activated
  • Power module (1xPower, 2xUSB & 1xRJ45) included, as standard
  • Integrated sofa and desk within each pod
  • Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
  • Acoustic certification of speech suppression and sound reduction

Hush Twin Pod

This Hush Pod is an creative and innovative office pod, with an out of the box design and a focus on maximizing space and pod functionality. It is essentially two conjoined pods , it consists of two separate workstations, each completely equipped to function as two separate phone pods each with their own sofa that look like one single unit.

Each section of the twin pod is equipped with its integrated own sofa and desk, with independent light and ventilation systems, as well as their own power and USB modules. The individual pods share a middle, diving wall to keep each pod private and isolated from each other to provide multiple private work areas.

Hush Twin Pod is the embodiment of efficiency in the use of office space, despite providing two individual working stations it utilizes a very small footprint while still providing complete comfort and privacy. With this Hush Pod you can instantly add private offices for two users, which will allow them to work in complete focus and concentration for prolonged periods of time. Alternatively the booth is perfect for teams who need multiple private work areas.

Similar to other pods in the Hush range, Hush Twin Pod is fully mobile and can be taken with you wherever you go, making this pod a clever investment. The back and front of this pod is made of transparent glass which allows the free flowing of light and a constant communication between interior and exterior.

On the inside, each individual work station within the Hush Twin Pod is fully integrated with an upholstered sofa with ergonomic back support and a desk big enough to fit a laptop and notebook for comfortable work. With all the included equipment, Hush Twin Pod is more efficient than the common phone booth or small office, as it allows users to comfortably work for longer periods of time.

Furthermore, it occupies less space than two individual phone booths, while still providing private and quiet spaces where to make quick calls or long zoom calls alike. Hush Twin Pod is truly efficient and can truly make a difference to the wellbeing of workers.



Construction based on the metal frame and honeycomb board with aluminum nodes. Side panels made of 3-layer honeycomb board, 38mm thickness. Both sides are melamine covered, finished with laser edging.

Middle column is made of 3-layer melamine chipboard, 18mm thickness, finished with laser edging. The back of the middle column is finished in Cosmos Grey only. Includes 1 USB and 1 power socket.

An optional cable grommet (60 Ø mm), positioned on the middle column, enabling cables to run from a TV into the column.
Back and front panels made of safety glass, 10mm thick with acoustic seal. Door made of tempered glass, 8mm thick, with layers of acoustic film and a handle.


Back and front glass panels are safety glass made with glued technology – 10mm thick.
Glass panels are placed in aluminum profiles with acoustic seals.
Door made of tempered, bonded glass, with handle and hinges.
Upholstered elements:
Upholstered panels made of chipboard covered with polyurethane foam.


Weight: 230-240 g/m2.
Composition: 100% polyester.
Abrasion resistance: 80000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2).
Pilling resistance: 4-5 (EN ISO12945-2).
Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-BO2).

Weight: 325 g/m2.
Composition: 70%WO, 20%PL, 5%PA, 5%AF.
Abrasion resistance: 100.000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2).
Fastness to Rubbing: Wet: 4/5; Dry: 4/5 (ISO105 – X12).
Light fastness: 5 (EN ISO 105-BO2).
Flammability – cigarette and match (BS-EN 1021- 1, 2) (BS 5852 – 0, 1).

Weight: 389 g/m2
Composition: 100% polyester
Abrasion resistance: 80,000
Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2)
– light resistance: 3-4
(EN ISO 105-BO2)

Power and lighting:

LED ceiling lights with dimmer, manual smooth lighting, power module Pwer + USB + RJ45


Each space in the Hush Pd has upholstered own sofa

Integrated desk/tabletop big enough to fit a laptop and notebook

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