Silent Room XL

Silent Room XL Pod

Silent Room XL is, as its name indicates, an extra large meeting pod, that allows users to instantly add a large spacious room that is a private space to focus and a quiet oasis. Similar to other Large Pods, as well as with the variety of furniture and configuration options available, this meeting pod can easily function as a large team meeting room or a staff canteen. It can also be used for private phone conversations, video conferences, creative tasks and of course as an elegant boardroom.


Silent Room XL is an flexible, versatile large meeting space


Dimensions: 3978w x 2306h x 2422d mm

  • Exterior in melamine, available in a variety of finishes
  • Option to have fabric external panels for an additional cost
  • Option to have back panel in glass
  • Interior fully upholstered in a variety of finishes and combinations
  • Motion sensor activated light dimmer
  • Air ventilation system ensures indoor air quality
  • Integrated table at high or seating height
  • Various furniture options available as an extra, including tables, chairs and pouffs
  • Power unit included with x2 power, x1 USB in central wall
  • Monitor bracket included with option to add individual power set for TV as an extra
  • Melamine floor covered with carpet, included as a standard
  • Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
  • Can be fully dismantled and reassembled

Silent Room XL Pod

Silent Room XL has a highly customisable design that is characterised by a simple, yet elegant look, with clean shapes and line, and because it is available in a variety of finishes, Silent Room XL can go from the simple, through the modern and highly sophisticated.

Silent Room XL is highly configurable, while the standard design is for a melamine shell, there is an option to have it fully upholstered, in a variety of colours and tiered combinations. There is also the possibility to have the back in glass, with the side wall either upholstered or in melamine. On the inside, Silent Room XL is equally highly configurable in terms of its design, you can have a number of finishes and colour combinations for the fully upholstered interior and the melamine media wall. This large meeting pod comes with a melamine floor, covered in a neutral grey carpet which not only helps improve the overall acoustics of the pod, but it also creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Silent Room XL is a highly configurable and adaptable,  multi-functional pod, that can be modified to suit a wide variety of purposes and needs. Its clever design allows for a high number of modifications that can create a truly bespoke pod, tailored to fit the needs of even the most demanding users.

Silent Room XL is ideal for any kind of pre-existing décor, as it is highly configurable and through mixing or matching colours, textures and finishes, users will be able to create the perfect look and feel. This large meeting pod is also highly efficient in terms of the equipment it offers, it comes fully fitted with a motion sensor activated ventilation system and as well as dimmable lights for and acoustic and visual comfort. It also comes with a power unit with three AC power sockets, and a T.V. bracket. This can be further upgraded by choosing a more complete power unit and also by adding an individual power set for the T.V., which will hide all cables, for a neater connection and look.

Furniture wise, Silent Room range comes fitted with an integrated, melamine high table for use with bar stools, that can also be configured at standard seating height, for use with normal chairs. There is also an option to have it completely empty, to be used with pre-existing furniture, such as lounge chairs and a coffee table. Silent Room XL is highly adaptable and can be used for many other purposes other than that of a meeting room, it can for example come furnished with a combination of poufs and drinks/laptop tables for a more informal feel, similar to a creative hub. Like other meeting pods, this office solution can be furnished with a separate table and conference chairs to work as an executive board room, or with comfortable lounge sofas, to instantly create a staff relaxation area.



Exterior in melamine, available in a variety of finishes or fabric at a premium. Option to have back panel in glass

Options Include:

Upholstered with fabric,

Melamine Upholstered with fabric

Upholstered with fabric, Rear wall with glass

Melamine. Rear wall with glass


Dimmable lights with motion sensor activation.

9x LED modules (8,92W) colour temperature approx. 3000 K dimmable

9x LED housing (asymmetrical) made of aluminium


Integrated power unit with x2 power socket and x1 USB

2 AC power socket 100-240 V

Integrated USB fast charger (USB Type A+C, max 5A)

1 cable guide for multimedia cable

Cable length: 0,8 m.


Integrated high table, with option to have it at normal seating height

Various other furniture options available


Motion activated ventilation system

16x air supply fans are located in central segment of the ceilings

2x air exhaust slots are located in central segment of the ceilings for natural ventilation

Maximum airflow approx. 1600 m³/h


Left-handed or right-handed option

Metal door frame is made of 40×40 mm tube and 40×8 mm steel rod

Powder coated metal

Aluminium profiles with PVC sealing fixed to internal sides and top and bottom of door frame

Glass facade:

Metal door frame is made of 40×20 mm tube

Powder coated metal

Inside gasket is made of 12 mm MFC (melamine) with 1 mm ABS edging

Front sides and top of the metal frame are covered with 16 mm MFC (melamine) with 1 mm ABS edging

8 mm TSG (tempered safety glass), clear


Metal floor frame is made of 40×40 mm and 40×20 mm tube

Powder coated metal

Floor panels are made of 25 mm MFC with 0,5 mm ABS edging

Floor carpet thickness 3 mm, made of PA6 (40%) and PP (60%)

Skirting boards made of 16 mm MFC with 1 mm ABS edging

Plastic feet with height levelling (+30 mm)

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