Connect 6 pods
Connect 6
Connect pod
Connect 6 pods
Connect 6 pod
Connect 6 pod
Connect 6 pod

Probox Six Pod

Experience the future of collaborative workspace solutions with the ground-breaking Probox Six Pod – a revolution in design and functionality, meticulously crafted to deliver an unrivalled setting for immersive discussions, strategic planning sessions, and innovative brainstorming. The Probox Six Pod is no ordinary workspace. Accommodating up to 6 people, it is an avant-garde approach to working, uniquely tailored to meet the dynamic needs of small teams and business professionals.


Connect 6 – a state of the art pod for brainstorming and team meetings 


Dimensions: 115in wide x 91.1in deep x 89in high (6 people)

  • Easy to install and move quickly and adaptable to your needs and requirements
  • Superb acoustics thanks to clever technology and a conscious choice of materials
  • Plug & play, a power plug is provided for the whole box, so no electrical work is required.
  • Larger dimensions, other configurations, and customization options are available.
  • Compact – The foldable modules and flat panels make for compact storage and transport.
  • Perfect for meetings and video calls
  • Smart acoustics with acoustically absorbent materials that reduce ambient noise
  • Wide range of finishes available
  • Integrated CO2-controlled ventilation and lighting system
  • Natural light passes through the glass wall and glass door
  • Sustainable: Fully reusable in other setups, including as a partition or Make use of the JUUNOO Buyback Guarantee

Probox Six Pod

Spacious, comfortable, and packed with state-of-the-art accessories, this game-changing quad pod harmoniously blends style, convenience, and productivity to deliver a truly exceptional user experience. Step into the generously proportioned interiors of the Probox Six Pod and immerse yourself in an environment thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and amplify productivity. Capable of comfortably accommodating up to four individuals, this premium pod provides ample space for easy interaction and optimal engagement, thereby ensuring that no idea is left unexplored, and collaboration is at its peak.

The Probox Six Pod isn’t just about space; it’s about the experience. Adorned with smart accessories, this cutting-edge pod raises the bar for workplace functionality. Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency as you utilise the versatile features to enhance discussions, fine-tune presentations, or simply forge a stronger team synergy.

Step away from the conventional. Immerse yourself in a world where progressive design meets unmatched usability. Discover the Probox Six Pod – your answer to improved collaboration, greater team synergy, and amplified productivity. Because when you choose the Probox Six Pod, you’re not just selecting a workspace. You’re embracing a forward-thinking approach to achieving success.

Venture into the extraordinary and discover an all-new dimension of cooperative work dynamics. Unlock the door to the Probox Six Pod – your passport to a realm of exceptional teamwork and unbeatable collaboration. Dipped into an ambiance meticulously designed to foster unity, this unique habitat is the birthplace of creativity, brainstorming sessions, and electrifying dialogues.

Dive into a sea of thrilling conversations, churn out innovative ideas, and observe as the waves of effective communication roll out among your team. The Probox Six Pod doesn’t just facilitate collaboration, it transforms the way you perceive teamwork.

Step into the future with the state-of-the-art Probox Six Pod. Harness the power of this cutting-edge concept to unleash the limitless potential within your team, and pave the way for remarkable results. The Probox Six Pod isn’t just a workspace upgrade – it’s a game-changing paradigm shift in how you and your team collaborate. So, are you ready to redefine your team’s reality? Challenge the ordinary and step into the extraordinary with Probox Six Pod today!

Step into your sanctuary of serenity with the Probox Six Pod booth. Engineered for your optimum comfort, this state-of-the-art workspace solution promises a harmonious fusion of peace, tranquility, and unmatched focus. Encased in acoustically absorbent materials, both inside and out, this cutting-edge pod ensures your world revolves around nothing but your tasks at hand. It’s more than just a workspace – it’s an experience, designed to magnify your productivity and boost your performance.

Whether you’re diving deep into complex tasks, handling sensitive calls, or simply in search of a serene spot to reset and recharge, the Probox Six Pod answers all your needs with a whisper of a hush. It’s time to bid adieu to disruptive noise and greet a new era of undivided concentration with this extraordinary workspace partner. The Probox Six Pod – your private island of efficiency in a sea of chaos.



Standard ClickWall walls or customized the wall options are available

Natural light due to glass door panel and glass door

Ventilation and Lighting

CO2-controlled ventilation and automatic lighting system, through the minibox


Excellent acoustics in your soundproof booth thanks to clever technology and a conscious choice of materials

USB Ports and Power:

Power socket to keep you connected


Furniture options includes integrated table, sofas, stools or central desk space with chairs

Temperature Control:

Integrated ventilation system


The foldable modules and flat panels make for compact storage and transport

Easy to store and transport thanks to collapsible modules and flat panels

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