Pillar Booth ADA
Pillar Booth ADA
Pillar Booth ADA
Pillar Booth ADA
Pillar Booth ADAv
Pillar Booth ADA
Pillar Booth ADA
Pillar Booth ADA
Pillar Booth ADA

Pillar Booth ADA

Breaking new ground in the world of workspace, The Pillar Booth ADA stands as the pioneering, cost-effective ADA compliant privacy booth for accessible small meetings, phone calls or video calls. Prioritizing accessibility, it signifies a significant step towards inclusivity in today’s modern work spaces. Step into the world of the Pillar Booth ADA – your personal and secluded workspace. These are not just standard workspaces or mobile conference rooms; they are enhanced with the serenity of the Pillar Booth but are mindfully crafted with compact dimensions that welcome a wheelchair.


Pillar Booth ADA is a leader in wheelchair accessible office booths


Dimensions: 89.9″w x 88.6″h x 48.2″d – (4 people)

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Two fans work together to refresh the air in the booth
  • Motion activated LED lights help to conserve energy
  • Three different desk heights
  • A choice of color options
  • Lockable steel framed polycarbonate door
  • Minimal assembly time
  • Integrated power and connections
  • Removable and cleanable acoustic panels
  • Extra options include AV Kit, locking castors, and bespoke graphics

Pillar Booth ADA

Wheelchair Accessible

Imagine an open office environment where inclusivity isn’t just a mere afterthought, but a key feature, particularly in regards to those with mobility impairments. Visualize a structure that eradicates the common obstacles faced by wheelchair users. A structure that has no floor or threshold to negotiate, ensuring a seamless and effortless entry and exit. This is what the Pillar Booth ADA offers. This innovative design has simplified the once daunting task of wheelchair access by eliminating the need for ramps or lifts. Instead, Pillar has focused on a simple yet highly functional T-turn mechanism. This ingenious design allows for easy maneuverability in and out of the booth, providing a hassle-free, smooth operation to meet the needs of wheelchair users.

A T-turn, named due to its resemblance to the letter T, makes navigation straightforward and effortless, allowing users to swiftly move in, turn, and exit without needing assistance. It offers autonomy, freedom, and a sense of ease, creating a truly user-friendly office pods experience. This ADA booth is a testament to Pillar’s commitment to convenience and accessibility for all employees, ensuring that wheelchair access isn’t just simple, but also an entirely stress-free and satisfying experience.


Height Adjustable Desk

The versatile desk provides a truly adjustable workspace, specifically designed for ADA purposes. When not being utilized for these needs, its innovative design allows it to transform quickly and efficiently. With a simple adjustment, the desk can be elevated, transforming it into a standing desk. This feature not only offers the benefits of comfort but also adds an element of ergonomics to your workspace.

Elevation of the desk ensures that it can easily accommodate use from a stool, offering different levels of comfort based on your preference. The ease of switching from a conventional desk to a standing one also breaks the monotony and brings a dynamic dimension to life in your work environment. This unique and cleverly designed desk provides diverse possibilities for adapting your workspace to meet your exact requirements, be it, coaching sessions or conference room layouts, thus facilitating your productivity and work well-being.

Flexible Work Space

Imagine transforming this meeting booth model into a dynamic four-person conference area with the simple addition of a table and accompanying benches or stools. Private conversations are now the reality for everyone of all abilities. With all booths including the Pillar Office Phone booth, Pillar are promising to redefine how we perceive and use shared spaces, Pillar Booth firmly establishes its place in our offices, institutions, and homes. Experience the harmony of sustainability and design, with creations that use eco-conscious wood. Not just that, our detachable acoustic panels promise superior sound quality while the smart occupancy sensor aids in preserving energy. Immerse yourself in a world where design meets responsibility.



Made in the USA with a durable steel frame, eco-friendly wood, shatterproof door

Magnetic Door Seal

Seismic Anchors

Low threshold facilitating seamless entry and exit


T-Shaped Turning Space featuring a 36” wide base

Height Adjustable Desk

Removable Acoustic Panels

Fire suppression sprinkler fitting

Recycled acoustic insulation and fabric


USB A+C ports, outlets and an ethernet port


Active Ventilation – 2 individual fans

Air in the phone booth, circulated once per minute


Motion activated LED lighting


Sound absorption and acoustic performance

Panels can be removed for cleaning

Additional Extras

Lockable casters

AV Kit

Custom Colors and Finishes

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