Focus Work Pod
Focus Work Pod
Focus Work Pod
Focus Work Pod
Focus Work Pod
Focus Work Pod
Focus Work Pod
Focus Work Pod

Focus Work Pod

Focus Work Pod is, in simple terms, a free-standing, completely self-sufficient unit that can easily work as an autonomous, single-occupancy office. This work pod is composed of three solid walls to provide complete privacy and enclosure, and a front glass door that allows a view into the inside as well as the continuous flow of light. It is also equipped with everything you would expect to find in a fully functional office, so adding a Focus Work Pod will instantly add individual and private spaces for working in peace and quiet.


Focus Work Pod is a free-standing unit ideal for single occupancy offices


Dimensions: 46in wide x 90in high x 43.5in deep (1 person)

  • Modular panel system that allows changes and updates to the design and finish
  • Heavy-gauge aluminium substructure
  • Full glass front with ⅜” tempered glass and an 18” tall door pull
  • Frames are available in a variety of anodized aluminium finishes or powder-coated colors
  • Highly configurable, with a variety of finishes available for the internal and external walls, in laminate or fabric, with options to mix and match between walls
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Tabletop and sofa included, but can come without, available in a variety of finishes
  • Integrated power bar with x2 110VAC outlet and x4 USB charging ports
  • Dimmable and motion-activated LED downlights included
  • Optional rear perimeter lighting is available as an extra
  • Motion-activated ventilation system included
  • Seismic-certified and built to accommodate sprinkler systems
  • Carpeted floor included in oxford grey, as standard

Focus Work Pod

The Focus Work Pod has an ideal size that is slightly larger than a standard phone booth or pod to give users a more spacious area to work. The size of these work pods allows users to sit comfortably and enables working during prolonged periods of time, making them ideal for long zoom meetings and/or long, concentrative work. On this same topic, a Focus Work Pod comes furnished with a comfortable sofa and a table, but the pods can also come completely unfurnished so that users can fill them in with any pre-existing furniture they may have in their office.

This work pod is also fully equipped with LED lights, with the option to add rear perimeter lights as an extra. These Work Pods also come with an integrated motion sensor-activated ventilation system, as well as power and USB charging points. As well as providing a well-lit and ventilated office space, Focus Work Pod also provides a quiet and private environment. This is achieved thanks to the use of acoustic materials on the pod’s walls, ceiling, carpeted floor, and double-sealed door at the front, which prevents noises from coming in or out of the pod. All of this equipment makes sure workers can stay connected and within a comfortable and fully working office space, exactly as they would at any in-built office.

On top of being ultra-efficient, the Focus Work Pod is also a highly aesthetic pod, with a variety of finishes and configurations available so that users can pretty much design any look they desire. Both the external and internal panels of this work pod can be configured in either fabric, available in a variety of colors, or melamine panels, also available in many different tones.

There is also the possibility of having a single colour running through each wall or having walls in different finishes and even different finishes within the same wall. Another great feature of the Focus Work Pod is that its wall panels can be changed later on, meaning you will always have a modern-looking pod that can adapt to the changes in fashion and decor.

Similarly, this work pod comes fitted with heavy-duty castors that make moving this pod from one place to the next pretty easy and convenient.
The Focus Work Pod is the perfect way to add individual office spaces to any office. It is highly efficient in terms of its equipment and its acoustic performance, while also providing a good-looking design that can be configured and adapted as needed to create the desired look and feel. The Focus Work Pod is flexible, adaptable, and highly functional; it is simply a great addition to any office space.



Available in a variety of laminate finishes from solid colours to wood grains


Adjustable lighting with motion activated downlight LED lights


Integrated power outlet and USB charging port


Integrated tabletop, available in matte grey as standard


Use of acoustic materials, double sealed door, soundproofed throughout, acoustic ceiling and carpeted floor

Frame Colors

Anodized Aluminum – Clear , Black & Gold


Snap Acoustic Pods and phone booths stand by their quality and provide you with a 10-year structural warranty for all SnapCab Workspace products


Square Footage: 41 ft²

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