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Introducing the Probox phone booth, the ultimate solution to supercharging your work experience and unlocking unparalleled levels of productivity. Say farewell to those pesky distractions, disruptive colleagues, and uninspiring work environments. With Probox Phone Booth, say hello to a smart and hyper-efficient workspace experience specifically designed to cater to your unique needs.

Imagine a work sanctuary where creativity flows effortlessly, focus is unwavering, and inspiration strikes at every turn. Elevate your work game, embrace optimal efficiency, and transform your work environment into a captivating adventure that fuels your imagination and drives success. With Probox Phone Booth, the possibilities are endless. Work smarter, not harder, and unlock the true potential of your professional journey.


Probox Phone Booth is transforming workspaces and increasing productivity


Dimensions: 44in wide x 89in high x 44in deep (1 person)

  • Glass door for addition of natural daylight
  • A wide range of finishes are available
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Integrated CO2-controlled ventilation system
  • Internal and external acoustic materials
  • Plug & Play, includes power socket
  • Collapsable modules and flat panels – easy to transport and store

Probox Phone Booth

Probox Phone Booth is reusable

Are you looking for ultimate versatility in your office space? Look no further than the Probox Phone Booth! Designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business, this innovative workspace solution offers so much more than just a desk. With the Probox Phone Booth, you have the power to customize your workspace to suit your individual work style or team collaboration needs. Need a quiet, enclosed space for focused work? No problem. Want to create an open and easy collaborative environment for your team? It’s got you covered.

But it doesn’t stop there. This Probox Phone Booth is designed to stay ahead of the curve as your company grows. Its flexible and scalable design ensures that it can grow with your business, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. No more worrying about outgrowing your office space or struggling to adapt your layout to accommodate your expanding team. So, why settle for a static, one-size-fits-all office setup? With the Probox Phone Booth, you can easily transform your workspace to match the evolving needs of your company. Don’t just work – thrive!

Acoustically Superior

Inside the classic phone booth, a sanctuary of productivity awaits. With acoustically absorbent materials enveloping the space, distractions fade away, leaving behind an environment tailored for peak performance. Step into the Probox Phone Booth, and experience a workspace meticulously designed to amplify your focus and propel you towards your goals. Let this haven unleash your full potential, where every moment becomes an opportunity for progress and achievement.


Ventilation and Lighting

Discover a world of comfort and productivity with the Probox Phone Booth. Equipped with premium features carefully designed to enhance your daily routine, this remarkable workspace companion ensures that you stay comfortable and focused from dawn till dusk. Immerse yourself in a well-lit environment that promotes efficiency with the Probox Phone Booth’s automatic LED lighting system. Say goodbye to dimly lit spaces and hello to a well-illuminated workspace that sparks creativity and productivity.

But that’s not all. The Probox Phone Booth also boasts an integrated ventilation system, ensuring that you stay fresh and alert even during your longest work sessions. Wave goodbye to stuffy and stagnant air, and say hello to a breath of fresh inspiration that keeps you at the top of your game. With the Probox Phone Booth, you have the essential components for creating a workspace that’s tailored to your needs, empowering you to achieve your best work, day in and day out. Embrace the possibilities and unlock your full potential with the Probox Phone Booth – your ultimate companion for a productive and inspiring work environment.


The Probox Phone Booth is the ideal solution for a variety of needs. Whether you crave solitude for focused work, require a sanctuary for phone calls, or long for a virtual meeting haven, this innovative device has got you covered. With its limitless customization options and personal details, you have the power to manifest a space that illuminates your unique style and fulfills your every requirement. Experience a world where productivity meets individuality with the Probox Phone Booth.




Standard ClickWall walls or customized options are available

Natural light due to glass door


CO2-controlled ventilation through the minibox


Internal and external acoustic materials used throuhgout


Power socket to keep you connected


Integrated shelf table, standing or use of an optional high stool

Temperature Control:

The integrated ventilation system keeps you feeling fresh and alert


Easy to store and transport thanks to collapsible modules and flat panels.

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