Hushfree S Phone Booth
Hushfree S Phone Booth
Hushfree S Phone Booth
Hushfree S Phone Booth
Hushfree S Phone Booth
Hushfree S Phone Booth
Hushfree S Phone Booth

HushFree S Phone Booth

The HushFree S Acoustic booth, your private haven for concentrated work, is perfectly tailored for extended video conferences, meetings and phone calls. With its easy-to-adjust manual height adjustment desk, your comfort is in your hands, and the best part, it doesn’t even need an extra power source. So, indulge in the convenience this intuitive office interior design brings, aimed at elevating your work experience.


HushFree S Phone Booth – ideal for phone calls, quiet work and video conference calls


Dimensions: 49in wide x 90in height x 35in depth (1 person)

  • LED lighting activated by a motion sensor with adjustable intensity
  • Back wall made of acoustic glass
  • Door made of tempered, safe, laminated acoustic glass
  • Ideal space for telephone calls, video calls and online conversations
  • Touch screen (display for the pod booking system)
  • Integrated power module
  • Additional side LED lighting
  • Height-adjustable sit & stand desk
  • Optional booth occupancy sensor
  • Stable levelling feet

HushFree S Phone Booth

Discover the ultimate journey towards workflow optimization with the innovative, one-of-a-kind HushFree S phone booth. This exceptional product is meticulously designed to promote the best posture, enabling you to work in either a seated or standing position, thereby ensuring your physical wellbeing while you handle your work demands. Experience the ease and convenience of adjusting your office space to your comfort zone as you transition between tasks throughout your day, all thanks to the HushFree phone booth.

Versatile Acoustic Booth For Telephone Calls and Video Conferencing

It doesn’t just end at providing you with the freedom to select your working position; it also offers the unique ability to change the height of the worktop surface in just a few seconds, preventing delays and maintaining the smooth flow of your activities. This ingeniously designed piece of office furniture, has an adaptable tabletop, ensuring a tailored working experience. This meeting space allows you the freedom to adapt easily and promptly to any task at hand. Be it seated assignments or tasks requiring a standing position, the HushFree S phone booth table top guarantees a seamless switch.

Imagine having access to a workspace that adapts to your individual work and requirements, rather than one where you constantly have to adjust to meet the expectations of the task at hand. The HushFree S phone booth sets the stage for a dynamic, flexible, and productive working experience where you are in charge, creating a wholesome working environment that caters for both your personal comfort and professional needs. Embrace the hush-free lifestyle and enjoy the transformative difference it brings to your workday.

HushFree Acoustic Booths for superior Soundproofing

Experience the truly invincible serenity, air, and tranquility inside the same room with remarkable acoustic booths from the state-of-the-art HushFree line. Ticking all the right boxes, these booths are enhanced with a top-of-the-line Class A acoustic rating, complying impeccably with the rigorous ISO 23351-1: 2020 standard specifically set for office acoustic booths.

The HushFree acoustic booths are not just about style and prestige, they are scientifically designed to act as your personal sanctuary within bustling workspaces. We believe in pioneering innovation, and these all-new, mobile acoustic booths and panels are a testament to that belief. These meticulously crafted panels and acoustic pods are the heart of these booths, vested with the solemn duty of shielding you, our valued users, from the relentless barrage of unwanted external noise. The panels are nothing short of a sensory shield, immersing you in a cocoon of silence that fosters focus, clarity, and productivity.

But that’s not all. One of the most distinguishing features of the booths from the HushFree line is the formidable assurance of privacy and confidentiality they offer. When you step into the space of a HushFree booth, you’re stepping into an arena of absolute seclusion. Each conversation held within these booths stays within. Whether it’s a talk, a delicate negotiation, or a brainstorming session, rest easy knowing that your words, your thoughts, and your ideas are safe, secure, and confidential.

So, ready to embrace the HushFree office experience? The ultimate in acoustic booths, tailored for your unparalleled well-being and business performance. Immerse yourself in a world where productivity thrives and privacy reigns supreme. Welcome to the HushFree line.

Acoustic Pod Excellence

Dive into a new era of productivity with HushFree acoustic booths! The innovative lighting system showers you with 500 lux of illumination. Perfect for meetings and online discussions, this feature will enable you to spend prolonged periods in comfort and clarity. Embrace enhanced efficiency today with HushFree.

Transform your workspace into a haven of comfort and productivity with the hushFree line’s highly efficient ventilation system for acoustic booths. With a simple one-touch control, you and employees can tailor the atmosphere to your liking, boosting comfort and enhancing productivity. Experience the revolution in booth ventilation, triggered by a sophisticated motion sensor within the booth itself. Built-in wheels ensure the pod can be freely moved. With the HushFree line including the HushFree office pods for team meetings, comfort is just a breath away.



Tempered laminated door made of acoustic glass

White or Cosmos grey MFC acoustic panels panels

Acoustic floor covering

Built in wheels for mobility

Integrated wheels


Integrated power module – does not require additional power supply

USB charging ports, power sockets and data ports

Powered by one power socket


500 lux LED lighting at tabletop level

Adjusting light intensity

Light temperature of 4000 K


Standing or sitting height shelf for laptop or side table for employees belongings


Total air flow 4 fans 80 m3/h*, 155 sec** ventilation system


Class A rated

Reduced speech level by 30.2 dB

Acoustic comfort according to the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard

Additional Extras:

Optional Booking screen

Booth occupancy sensor

Work Chair or comfortable stool optional

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