The best meeting pods for small teams

Pods for small teams


The best meeting pods for small teams

Looking for the perfect space for productive team meetings in an open meeting room? Look no further than our specially designed Meeting Pods. These office pods are specifically designed to comfortably accommodate at least two people, making them an ideal choice for your team meetings. Think of these pods as open meeting rooms or focus room within a room. These fully enclosed units are exclusively dedicated to meetings, providing the privacy and focus you need to have productive discussions. Equipped with four walls, a door, a roof, and even a carpeted floor, these pods create the perfect setting for collaborative sessions.

Our Meeting Pods are available in various sizes, catering to different team sizes and meeting needs. Whether you need a one booth, small two-person pod or a large pod for over ten people, we have you covered. With our spacious pods, you can easily host large board meetings or conduct all-staff training days without any hassle.

Say goodbye to the challenges of conducting meetings in open offices. Our Meeting Pods offer a dedicated space that ensures maximum productivity and concentration during meetings. Don’t let distractions hinder your team’s progress – choose our Meeting Pods for effective and efficient meetings. Enhance productivity and collaboration with Meeting Pods, the ultimate solution for team meetings. Ce Meeting pods are transforming traditional office spaces, let us transform your own meeting room experience.

Work Pods

Work Pods are the modern solution for productivity and privacy in an open plan office. Say goodbye to cramped cubicles and hello to spacious, comfortable workstations that eliminate outside noise in open spaces. Work Pods are the ultimate upgrade, offering a private and peaceful environment for focused work. Don’t be fooled by their resemblance to phone booths – these larger, fully enclosed units provide ample space and are equipped with ergonomic seating and multiple work surfaces. Find your personal space and productivity oasis with privacy pods.

Meeting Booths

Introducing Meeting Booths: the flexible, convenient, and modern solution for your office space. These semi-enclosed privacy booths can feature an integrated table, surrounded by two or three walls, and are designed to promote continuous communication within your workplace whilst providing a soundproof environment. Whether you prefer a feeling of enclosure like the Hush Access Pod or a semi open booth like the Barn Meeting Booth, Meeting Booths can be customized to fit your needs with acoustic panels or enhanced privacy glass walls. Plus, their flat-packed design makes them easy to transport and reassemble, allowing you to take them with you wherever your office journey takes you. Improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and embrace the future of office design with Meeting Booths.

My Office Pod Phone Booth and Meeting RExperience the future of work with mobile call and office meeting pods and booths for your small teams and gatherings. These innovative solutions are not only taking offices by storm, but they’re also popping up in public spaces, giving you the flexibility to work on the go. Embrace the new normal of work with flex offices and remote work, as traditional office spaces are revolutionized with shared desks and intimate meeting and focus areas. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to comfort and privacy in soundproof workspace pods or booths. In addition to enhancing productivity, these pods and call booths offer significant cost savings in office design and construction. Plus, their easy installation and removal make them the perfect solution for creating an agile office environment that caters to your employees’ needs. Get ready for a work experience like no other.

Office Phone Booths

Introducing the Office Phone Booth: The Enhanced Solution for Private Calls in the Professional Setting. Phone Booths are the modern upgrade to traditional public phone booths, an office pod specially designed for office use. These office pods are perfect for single occupancy, providing a secluded space for private conversations, video and conference calls. Say goodbye to noisy interruptions and hello to a complete quiet space.

Not only do the features of these soundproof pods enable your team to make private calls, but the larger designs also serve as versatile open meeting rooms. With Office Phone Booths, efficiency and flexibility go hand in hand and their plug and play installation make them totally versatile. Upgrade your office with the ultimate solution for a peaceful and productive work environment. Try Office Phone Booths today.

Meeting Podsoom options

Pods for small teams

Below are some of the most popular models in our range for small teams and you can also view the complete range here for Office Phone Booths:

Hush Twin Pod

Hush Twin Pod is a creative and innovative phone pod for phone calls and focused office work, with an out of the box design and a focus on maximizing space and pod functionality. It is essentially two pods in one, it consists of two conjoined workstations, each completely equipped to function as two separate pods that provide the essential amount of working space but look like one single unit. Hush Office provide a full suite of office pods.

Silent Room Pod

Silent Room is a meeting pod that offers great value for money and that can easily substitute the usual meeting rooms. There is no doubt that meeting rooms are necessary in any office space, they are needed to have confidential one to ones and private team meetings. Silent room offers a productivity boost for workers and is a complete smart unit, made of a metal frame with solid MFC panels, available in a variety of finishes from wood veneers to fully upholstered walls, that can easily match any existing decor or stand out and bring life to any dainty office.

BuildUp Meeting Booth

BuildUp Meeting Booth is a modern and innovative solution for offices looking to create private spaces for employees to work or take calls. These pods come in a variety of sizes and configurations, making them adaptable to different office layouts and needs. The design is sleek and contemporary, adding an aesthetic touch to any workspace. 

Quadrio Meeting Pod

The Quadrio Meeting Pod allows for endless possibilities and its unique design is perfectly adaptable to the needs of your office and its users. The Quadrio Meeting Pod is a modular system that enables you to create a customized office seating for up to a maximum of eight people, without the need to remodel your office space. Choose the size that best suits the needs of your office and work in a conference room with accessible AV technology for anything from quick meetings to prolonged discussions.

Hush Meet S Pod

Hush Meet S Pod can be moved and repositioned when needed anywhere in the office or even to completely different locations. This small meeting pod, fits perfect in most spaces and is mobile and adjustable to the changing needs of any organization. It can be used for a number of functions from an individual space to work in, to staff relaxation area or to state of the art meetings spaces.

Nook Huddle Booth

Thanks to its modular design the Nook Huddle Booth can easily be transformed from semi-enclosed to almost fully enclosed by adding screens, or even more open by removing the rear wall. The Nook Huddle Booth brings flexibility and adaptability to the office space, it is easy to fit, move and change . This booth is constructed with sturdy and durable Egger Eurodekor and MDF finished in laminate or vinyl wrap available in white, black, wood veneer or in whatever print your imagination can think of.

Kolo Meeting Pod

Kolo Meeting Pod is a medium size meeting pod that can fit four people comfortably. Its main purpose is to offer peace and quiet in any open plan office, making it the ideal place to hold private team meetings, one to ones, or simply sit in solitude, for a moment of peace. Kolo Meeting Pod solves the common issue of people having quick meetings at their desks, which can be highly distracting for people working in the same area or business.