Talk Phone Booth
Talk Phone Booth
Talk Phone Booth
Talk Phone Booth
Talk Phone Booth

Talk Phone Booth

Talk Phone Booth is, in simple terms, a small meeting or focus room within a room. A box-like structure that provides a quiet and private space away from noise to make private phone calls or have video conference meetings. It has three solid walls, a roof, a ceiling, and a clear glass door. It is a small phone booth, so that it does not take up too much room, unlike larger meeting pods, and can fit in most spaces. However,  it is big enough to comfortably fit an individual and provide everything needed to make phone calls or video calls away from colleagues and not be able to hear the conversation taking place inside.


Talk Phone Booth is a versatile, affordable privacy solution


Dimensions: 44in wide x 90in high x 34in deep (1 person)

  • Modular panel system that allows changes and updates to the design and finish
  • Heavy-gauge aluminium substructure
  • Full glass front with ⅜” tempered glass and an 18” tall door pull
  • Frames are available in a variety of anodized aluminium finishes or powder-coated colours
  • Highly configurable, with a variety of finishes available for the internal and external enclosures, in laminate or fabric, with options to mix and match between panels
  • Acoustic, soundproof ceiling tiles for noise reduction
  • Tabletop included, but can come without (29in x 11in), available in three colours
  • Integrated power bar with x2 110VAC outlet and x4 USB charging ports
  • Dimmable and motion-activated LED downlights included
  • Optional rear perimeter lighting is available as an extra
  • Motion-activated ventilation system included
  • Seismic-certified and built to accommodate sprinkler systems
  • Carpeted floor included in oxford grey, as standard
  • Fitted with heavy-duty castors to allow maximum flexibility and mobility
  • Use of acoustic soundproof materials and double-sealed door for added privacy

Talk Phone Booth

Introducing the Talk Booth, the ultimate solution for your private workspace needs. Say goodbye to noisy open-plan offices and hello to a tranquil workspace that’s all yours. The Talk Phone Booth is designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic that guarantees to elevate your office’s appearance. A fitting solution to colleagues hogging conference rooms and an ideal private meeting room if struggling for a space to focus or take important calls.

It’s also engineered to offer maximum privacy and seclusion to ensure that you can focus solely on your work without any distractions. Whether you’re running a small business or simply need a quiet space to work, Talk Booth has got you covered. It’s time to take control of your work environment and enhance your productivity with this office phone booth.

Looking for a unique and stylish way to enhance your office space or home, or an affordable privacy solution? Look no further than the Talk Booth. This sleek and modern capsule creates a private yet open space that is perfect for meetings, focused productivity, and work sessions for just one person.
The innovative design features customizable panels, lighting options, and even the option for multimedia integration in your own workspace. There is no need for structural changes or building projects, as the Talk Booths are a cost-effective solution when considering budgets.

The Snapcab Talk Phone Booth is designed with not only functionality in mind but also aesthetics. The contemporary design of these privacy booths and pods adds a touch of sophistication to any company layout, open floor plans, or environment. Elevate your meeting space and productivity with this stylish booth, and discover a better way to work. Talk Phone Booth is made of an aluminum substructure with an anodized aluminum frame available in a variety of finishes, from different shades of aluminum or powder-coated colors. The external wall of this office phone booth is composed of tile-like panels, available in laminate or soundproof acoustic felt. Both options are available in a variety of colours to compliment your open office, ranging from neutral colours to bold options.

The panels are not only highly configurable in terms of the choices available, but they also offer the possibility of changing the panels to provide a new look for your pod, making this phone booth highly flexible and adaptable to offices used by companies or to changing their decor or their company brand identity.


The highly arrangeable nature in terms of looks of this phone booth really complements the design of the pod, characterized by a simple, rectangular shape and sharp lines that offer a modern and minimalist look and an escape from constant noise and sound levels inside but also ensure nobody outside can hear private or business communication taking place. This booth is totally mobile, with casters and leveling feet included, giving an alternative to a fixed construction.

This is further enhanced by the front panel, made of tempered glass with a long and delicate-looking handle. On the inside, Talk Phone Booth is fully upholstered with acoustic felt available in different colors to match or contrast with the exterior, as well as a dark gray carpeted floor.The Talk Phone Booth is not only highly aesthetic and a great complement to any office design; it is also highly efficient and well equipped. For example, it comes fully equipped with dimmable and motion-activated LED downlights to help achieve a well-illuminated meeting space, particularly important for zoom calls or important private calls with customers.

It also has an integrated ventilation system to help create the right atmosphere and make sure users stay cool and are fresh and comfortable at their workplace at all times. Further to this, to make sure workers have everything they need to work in peace, the office phone booth also comes fitted with a tabletop, big enough to fit a tablet or laptop, as well as with power and USB connections. This phone booth also comes fitted with heavy-duty castors so that it can be positioned and move around as needed, making it the perfect addition to dynamic office spaces in constant change and growth.

For all these reasons, Talk Phone Booth is the ideal addition to any office or room with open-plan spaces where focus is needed and privacy is lacking and where the constant noises and sound disruptions from phone calls and team members are an issue to workers’ concentration, productivity, and quality of working environments. Talk Phone Booth has a great design that can easily fit in or stand out as needed, while the quality of its construction and materials provide a sturdy and durable pod that can truly make a difference to the work life of a business and its employees, allowing for many hours of focus and quiet time. Talk to our team today and find out more about these flexible, cost-effective phone booths!



Exterior office phone booth:

Mobile frames are available in a variety of anodized aluminium finishes or powder-coated colours

Highly configurable, with a variety of finishes available for the internal and external walls

Square footage = 10.5 ft²


2 Dimmable LED downlights are motion-activated


POWER BAR 15 Amp Rating 2 110VAC Outlets 4 USB Charging Outlets


Optional tabletop, available in a variety of colours, Dimensions: 29” x 11”


156 CFM Motion Activated


Use of acoustic materials, double-sealed door, soundproof backs, acoustic ceilings, carpeted floors, and acoustic ceiling tiles

High Quality

Strong, sturdy, and crafted with intention. The Talk Phone Booth is made from materials that can withstand high-traffic environments and allow for the most use out of the product


Casters and leveling feet allow for easy and flexible relocation of the pods, enough to adapt to the changing needs and location of your workspace

Available floorless for wheelchair accessibility


Customers safety is important, and all of the Snapcab Talk products undergo rigorous testing to meet top safety requirements.

Sound Privacy

Acoustic materials are used in the pod, such as double-sealed doors, sound-masking fans, and more, to create a comfortable, quiet, and secluded space for uninterrupted work.

Air Quality

Talk Office Phone booths use a top-to-bottom air flow exchange, pulling fresh air in through ceiling fans and exiting through floor vents

This gives users a fresh environment in office phone booths or pods with the cleanest air flow, exchanging fully every 90 seconds

There is no need to worry about being stuck in an enclosed office workspace with bad air.

Safest Booths on the Market

Talk Phone booths are UL-listed, seismic-certified, and fire-rated, with the option to include a free fire suppression solution

Tests are completed to prove that SnapCab Pods are not only code-compliant but also professionally vetted and certified


SnapCab is a company that embraces and practices the principles of lean manufacturing, a method that focuses on overall waste reduction

Standard wall panels with plastic laminate finish contain 88 percent post–consumer recycled content

The recyclable heavy gauge aluminum extrusion substructure and stainless–steel door handles are also made from recycled materials

The standard ceiling tile contains a minimum of 80 percent previously recycled polyester fiber from plastic bottles, while the upgraded acoustic panels contain a minimum of 45 percent

Instead of shipping each SnapCab in a separate crate, the SnapCab is shipped assembled in its own crate, with the panels wrapped and protected inside

10-year warranty

Includes Aluminum frame, Panels, Ceiling, Flooring, Front door and Glass

One-year warranty and a five-year support program

Consumable parts are defined as: Seals, Screws, Hinges, Wheels, Cables, Bulbs, Fans and Electrical components

Seismic Certified

Certified in both stability and lateral capacity, based on calculations and testing in accordance with ASTM E72, and provide a structural engineer with these records with anchorage recommendations in worst-case seismic zones and importance factors

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