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Probox Uno

The Probox Uno offers an ideal solution for creating an acoustically insulated phone booth in your office space. Not only does it provide a dedicated environment designed for focused work, phone calls, or virtual meetings, but it also allows for customization to suit your unique preferences. This innovative booth comes with a range of standard features, including automatic lighting and ventilation, ensuring a comfortable experience. With its sleek design and functionality, the Probox Uno enhances both productivity and aesthetic appeal in any workspace.


Probox Uno is an innovative, versatile booth for focused work and calls



Dimensions: 91.34″w x 88.98″h x 43.90″d (1 person)

  • Perfect for meetings and video calls
  • Easy to install and move quickly and adaptable to your needs and requirements
  • Glass door and glass panel for addition of natural daylight
  • A wide range of finishes are available for interior
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Superb acoustics thanks to clever technology and a conscious choice of materials
  • Integrated CO2-controlled ventilation system
  • Internal & external acoustic materials
  • Plug & Play, includes power socket
  • Collapsable modules & flat panels – easy to transport and store

Probox Uno

The Probox Uno is more than just reusable—it’s a game-changer for office layouts. Imagine the freedom to transform your workspace effortlessly whenever inspiration strikes. Gone are the days of rigid enclosed cubicles; with the Probox Uno, you have the power to convert walls into partition walls, adapting your office space to meet your company’s evolving needs. Embrace the journey of growth, change, and innovation, knowing that the Probox Uno will always be there to support and enhance your workspace experience.

Step into the Probox Uno phone booth and experience the blissful tranquility of a perfectly soundproofed work environment. Crafted with the finest acoustically absorbent materials, this state-of-the-art sanctuary wraps you in a cocoon of silence, shielding you from any external distractions. Indulge in uninterrupted focus as you immerse yourself in your tasks or project, knowing that complete peace and quiet awaits you within the Focus 1 Pod phone booth.

Experience all-day productivity and comfort with the Probox Uno’s revolutionary automatic LED lighting and integrated ventilation system. Never worry about strain or fatigue, as we ensure you stay focused and refreshed throughout your workday. The Probox Uno’s advanced features create the perfect ambiance for your workspace, enhancing both productivity and well-being. Enjoy the ultimate work environment, no matter the length of your day, with the Probox Uno’s cutting-edge technology.

The Probox Uno is not just a phone booth; it’s a canvas for your creativity. With a plethora of finishes and accessories to choose from, you have the power to choose how to create a truly unique and personalized booth that perfectly matches your style and caters to your every need. Express your individuality and make a bold statement with the Probox Uno, elevating your phone booth experience to breathtaking heights.



Standard ClickWall walls or customized options are no longer available

Natural light due to glass door


CO2 controlled ventilation through the Probox Uno


Internal and external acoustic materials used throuhgout walls and exterior finishes


Power socket to keep you connected

Wide selection of Furniture:

Options of standard-height work desk, integrated high table and stools

Temperature Control:

Integrated ventilation system keeps you feeling fresh and alert


Easy and compact to store and transport thanks to collapsible modules and flat panels.

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