Zonez Mothers Pod

Zonez is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of new mothers as they return to work. Our solution: The Zonez Mother’s Pod. Here, working moms can take a break in a tranquil environment while they pump breast milk. The room features all the amenities new moms need to feel comfortable and relaxed, including a comfort shelf, full-length mirror, magnetic whiteboard, airflow for added comfort, wall-mounted reading light, and USB and power outlets to charge up at any time.

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Zonez Mothers Pod provides lactating mothers with a comfortable environment


Dimensions: 72in wide x 88in high x 72in deep

  • Comfort shelf, full-length mirror, magnetic whiteboard, airflow for added comfort
  • Wall-mounted reading light, and USB and power outlets included
  • Optional melt-away ceiling tiles, or open metal grid system.
  • ADA Compliant
  • Interior covered with P.E.T. acoustic panels
  • Option to choose window and wall configuration
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Two acoustic levels available: STC35 and STC42
  • Motion activated overhead lights and fan
  • Two 110v power outlet, two USB ports

Zonez Mothers Pod

Introducing Zonez Mother’s Pod – quick assembly in just three hours and only requires an electrical source! Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a limited 10-year warranty included with all Zonez products. Get your space designed for comfort today.
Breastfeeding rooms are becoming more common in workplaces and public spaces, and for good reason. These private spaces provide lactating mothers with a comfortable and peaceful environment to nurse their babies. Beyond the convenience factor, breastfeeding rooms also offer a wonderful opportunity for bonding between mother and baby.

And for working mothers who are unable to stay at home with their newborns, The Zonez Mothers room can offer the support and encouragement they need to continue breastfeeding as recommended by health professionals. Overall, lactating rooms are a valuable resource for promoting healthier babies and moms, and for creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all mothers.

This soundproof Mothers Pod is specifically designed to accommodate a lactating Mother and child, providing a comfortable and private space for nursing . And the best part? It is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice in meeting pods for companies and organizations.

The Zonez Mothers Pod provides occupants with ultimate comfort and privacy for bonding and feeding in peace. Its superior sound insulation technology is engineered using top of the line STC 42 materials, meaning users can feel calm and comfortable, sheilding them from outside conversations or noise.

It is well designed and made with recycled materials and it is ADA compliant with a 36″ door, adhering to the required standards for access and use making this meeting booth accessible to everyone in the today’s office space.

There are two acoustic levels: STC35 and STC42 available with this Mothers Pod, providing the ideal levels of privacy and minimal disruption according to each individual office space and with a choice of P.E.T. acoustic panels or aluminum panels for the exterior and P.E.T. acoustic panels for the interior available in a variety of colors, this meeting booth is a truly adaptable structure for nursing Mother’s in an office environment.


Real wood veneer panels or laminate, available in a variety of colours

Dimmable and motion activated LED lights included

Motion activated, adjustable fan integrated

Power socket included, as standard

Provided empty as a standard, with options to add table and/or sofa