Pillar Phone Booth

Pillar Booth

Introducing the Pillar Booth, these sound absorbing phone booths are an impeccable integration of acoustic technology, ventilation system, and wider space versatility for the modern day open office. It is not just your average workspace; it’s a sanctuary for productivity. These sophisticated noise absorbing phone booths are your haven for those essential phone calls and video meetings that need an environment free from the office din and distractions. It’s a unique construction designed to shield you from the hustle and bustle of your surroundings, providing a stress-free environment conducive for crucial conversations.


The Pillar Booth – sound absorbing, sustainable, with added comfort & durability


Dimensions: 42.5″w x 89.8″h x 42.5″d – (1 person)

  • Four fans work together to refresh the air in the booth
  • Motion activated LED lights help conserve energy
  • Three different desk heights
  • Phone Booth color options
  • Minimal assembly time
  • Large work surface with an integrated shelf
  • Coat hook and phone + tablet groove
  • Integrated power and connections
  • Removable and cleanable acoustic panels
  • Extra options include AV Kit, locking castors, and bespoke graphics

Pillar Booth

More Than A Phone Booth

The Pillar Booth is more than just a phone booth; it’s a haven shaped specifically for those requiring a private space for undisturbed, heads down time. It signifies an intelligent choice for individuals needing solitary confinement to concentrate on their tasks. It’s perfect for those moments when you need to isolate yourself from the world, just to dive into your work without any distractions. In essence, The Pillar Booth, was the first product in the Pillar range, with its calming sound absorbing design, superior ventilation system, and versatile space, combines functionality with comfort and privacy. It’s your go-to solution for unruffled phone calls and focused work sessions.

Experience the exhilarating sensation of stepping into a Pillar Booth, a place that isn’t just an ordinary space, but rather, a productive sanctuary — a haven of tranquility designed to facilitate your most crucial tasks. Imagine yourself delving into that important project, with nothing but silence and clarity marking your workspace, providing you with the setting to do some serious ‘heads-down’ work, free from interruptions and disturbances. It’s here within the comforts of the Pillar Booth that those essential phone calls, the ones that require your undivided attention and utmost privacy, can be taken without worry. Amidst the chaos of our fast-paced, tech-driven world, the modern day workplace can sometimes feel more like a war zone of distractions rather than a spot for productivity. However, within the embracing confines of a Pillar Booth, you have the power to hit pause on these distractions, to freeze time and create a moment that’s solely dedicated to your work and tasks. Step into a Pillar Booth and immerse yourself in a sanctuary of productivity – a place where you have the freedom to be your most efficient and effective self.

Private Phone Calls

Uniting an intricate balance of functionality, thoughtful design, and affordability, the Pillar booths are beyond just being a place to make a call, these booths embody a blend of style and science that make your private phone calls and conversations not only private, but also pleasant. These booths are designed to be ideal spaces that ensure comfort and focus, keeping your conversations uninterrupted and confidential. It’s not just about what’s on the inside though, like the manually adjustable work surface or removable acoustic panels. The acoustic fabric absorbs sound and gives a stylish yet cozy feel to the privacy booth. The exterior is crafted with a sharp eye for elegance and sophistication. Every inch of the design is thought out, right down to the finest detail. Bringing together practical style and sleek aesthetics, our booths are built to impress.

But what is a beautiful product without quality? Pillar Booths are manufactured using only the highest-quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability. They are built to withstand the test of time, and this phone booth offers smooth performance every single moment they are in use. Despite the designers obsession with the quality of the privacy booth, they also understand the importance of affordability. Hence, the Pillar booth phone booths strive to offer the premium quality of noise-free booths at budget-friendly prices. With Pillar Booths, you get the luxury of acoustic booths without breaking the bank. One of the many things that sets the Pillar Phone Booth company apart is our industry-best lead times. We believe in not just delivering the best product, but also delivering it in the shortest time possible. Dive into a world where luxury meets affordability, style meets functionality, and quality meets speed. Welcome to the world of Pillar Booths.



Made in the USA with a durable steel frame, eco-friendly wood, shatterproof door

Magnetic Door Seal

Seismic Anchors


Height Adjustable Desk

Removable Acoustic Panels

Fire suppression sprinkler fitting

Recycled acoustic insulation and fabric


USB A+C ports, outlets and an ethernet port


Active Ventilation – 4 individual fans

Air in the booth circulated once per minute


Motion activated LED lighting


Sound absorption and acoustic performance

Panels can be removed for cleaning

Additional Extras

Lockable casters

AV Kit

Custom Colors and Finishes

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