GoSleep Igloo Pod
GoSleep Igloo Pod

GoSleep Igloo Pod

Introducing GoSleep Igloo Pod, the revolutionary sleep pod that will help you achieve a deep sleep and a short rest like never before. Our unique design provides exceptional comfort and maximum relaxation with an adjustable ergonomic neck support to gently cradle your head while providing optimal ventilation for a pleasant temperature throughout the interior of the pod.

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GoSleep Igloo Pod for work and power nap


Dimensions: 1000w x 1600h x 2300d mm (seats 1)

  • Sleep pod Shell made of glass fibre, side frame in birch plywood steel frame, in white
  • Interior upholstered in artificial leather
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Reclining chair that becomes a fully flat bed
  • Integrated laptop table
  • Storage space under the seat
  • Electrical power socket and USB double outlet
  • Option to customize side panels with own logo at an extra

GoSleep Igloo Pod

Introducing GoSleep Igloo Pod, the revolutionary sleep pod that will help you achieve a deep sleep and a short rest like never before. Our unique design provides exceptional comfort and maximum relaxation with an adjustable ergonomic neck support to gently cradle your head while providing optimal ventilation throughout the interior of the pod.

Get the restful and productive work experience you deserve with Igloo Pod, an innovative power nap sleep pod! The flexible design offers multiple functions: relax in comfort while reclined or stay focused at a laptop table – both sleep pod configurations have side shaded windows which can be partially or fully closed, for easy access to light control.

GoSleep Igloo Pod is a power nap sleep pod with an impressive suite of amenities that get you through your workday and beyond. Recline to a blissful horizontal position for rest mode or utilize the fold out laptop table while in work mode; either way this sleep pod provides convenience at its finest!

Enjoy some privacy – courtesy of side shaded windows that open/close easily – then stow away your personal belongings securely located in its storage compartment when it’s time go. Make life more efficient (and enjoyable) with one singular solution: The remarkable GoSleep Igloo Pod.

When your devices need some juice, just plug into one of several convenient usb charging port for mobile phones and tablets that are available on this stylish sleep station. Experience productivity and relaxation all from one compact space – try out the Igloo GoSleep Pods, you wont be disappointed!

Plus, its soundproofing technology ensures peaceful rest so you can drift away into a deep slumber! Discover the rejuvenating oasis that is our versatile Igloop Pod, designed to provide a serene sanctuary for rest and recovery amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Escape into a moment of complete solitude, as you recharge both mind and body within this portable sleep pod, seamlessly adaptable for workspaces, companies and agencies have installed nap pods for power naps and sleep in hospitals, universities, and on-the-go lifestyles. The Igloo Gosleep pods work particularly well in an airport lounge and can be found in international airports worldwide, check out Helsinki airport!

These unique sleep pods use advanced technology and ergonomic design to give you the most comfortable short sleep possible while resting and help the user relax – these nap pods will also block out distractions from around you during sleep.

Crafted with devotion in Finland and delivered fully assembled, the Igloo Pod’s mobile design offers an airy underseat compartment to store items such as hand luggage or devices.

Sleep Pods are the perfect way to relax and recharge during the work day or after a long flight or layover in airports and are suited to many more environments. This innovative and stylish product offers an enclosed, soundproof surrounding that are designed for maximum comfort.

With adjustable thermostats and ambient lighting control, you can create a tranquil oasis, perfect for naps or even just unwinding after a long day at the office. On top of that, each pod comes with secure locks for maximum privacy and security while you sleep or relax.

Upgrade your workspace today with Sleep Pods and experience ultimate relaxation and rest! The perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and innovation – this is what makes our product truly one-of-a-kind! Sleep Igloo Pod is the perfect product for anyone looking for the ultimate in soothing slumber on the go or at work.

Our sleep pod offers a safe, dark, private space designed to help you relax, rest, meditate, or take a nap during a break in your day or overnight stops. With its stylish design and comfortable elements like breathable fabric straps that provide extra cushioning for your neck and head-supporting pillows made with memory foam, it’s truly an oasis of peace.

Everyone has different sleep needs but one thing everyone wants is more restful nights (and days). Sleeping pods are proven to increase your ability to fall asleep faster while sleeping in them – they offer the perfect combination of comfort and privacy so you can drift off into dreamland quicker than ever before!

These specially designed sleeping pods also make traveling much easier too as these can be used as a temporary bed instead of the expense of an overnight hotel in an airport and the pods help to solve both the passengers privacy and rest dilemas. Igloo Pods are now appearing in many airport locations around the world such as helsinki vantaa airport, Dubai, New York and even Australia and are proving the best solution for a long layover in airports. Pillows and blankets can be utilised and other amenities are optional.

As an additional extra there is Neurosonic technology available on the sleep pods. Neurosonic technology has completely revolutionized the way people work and stay productive. It uses sound waves from other devices to sync up with your body’s natural rhythms, allowing you to work more efficiently and focus more deeply on your tasks.

With its adjustable settings, you can customize absolutely everything from the tone and intensity of the sounds to the duration of each session. Plus, this revolutionary technology and its features are designed to be safe, non-invasive, and incredibly effective.

Upgrade your own room and workspace today with a Gosleep pod with Neurosonic technology and experience greater focus, productivity, and an improved sense of well being.



Compliant to safety rules outer frame is steel, shell is made of Glass fibre and side frame: Birch plywood


Leather upholstery on interior chair/bed


One power outlet and 2 USB sockets


Storage space under the seat – keep your belongings safe & secure

Table for your laptop – work comfortably in cosy surroundings

Electrical power socket USB double outlet keeping you connected

Plug&Play installation – simple! Plug in and go…

Prevent severe happiness issues at work

Need Peace? Are the co-workers talking loudly when online or on the phone? Is someone abusing the keyboard, so you cannot concentrate? Ask them to Igloo themselves!

Privatise your workspaces

There is always a point when you wish to have full privacy, or to concentrate intensely before an important presentation, or just take a call in private. Go Igloo and be as productive as possible!