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Talk Box Phone Booth
Talk Box Phone Booth
Talk Box Phone Booth
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Talk Box Phone Booth
Talk Box Phone Booth
Talk Box Phone Booth
Talk Box Phone Booth
Talk Box Phone Booth

Slide Work Pod

Introducing the Slide Work Pod, the only product in the phone booth marketplace to feature an exclusive sliding door design unlike any other phone booths. This ingenious, unique feature makes it the perfect solution for cluttered office environments – open plan offices where every inch of space counts. Forget about doors that swing out and block hallways or take up internal space- with this revolutionary sliding door system, you can maximize your space efficiency and keep your office pathways obstacle-free.


Slide Work Pod – the only product on the market featuring an exclusive sliding door


Dimensions: 47.5″w x 87.25″ h x 42.5″ d  – 1 person

  • Space-Saving Sliding Door
  • High-quality tempered safety glass and aluminum framing
  • Fully furnished with spacious desk
  • Sound dampening design eliminates echo and minimizes sound
  • Skylight: one large pane acrylic skylight
  • PIntegrated power included
  • Under the desk cabinetand  shelf
  • Dimmable and positionable LED gimbal lighting
  • High-power ventilation

Slide Work Pod

But the Slide Work Pod offers so much more than a clever door design. This is about crafting your personal sanctuary where you can escape the noise and interruptions of daily operations and private calls and meetings for quiet focus or conference calls. It’s about empowering you to drive your productivity to new heights, free from the distractions that compromise your potential. Concentrate on your tasks, with lights and ventilation included, protect your privacy, and engage with your work like never before.

The Slide Work Pod isn’t just a product – it’s a lifestyle shift. It’s an area of retreat for focused work, these acoustic pods are designed to make your workday smoother and more efficient. Within the acoustic pod and its roomy interiors, you’ll discover a tranquil space to create, designed to keep noise at bay, giving you a quiet, serene space where great ideas are born.

Versatile Office Pods

Experience the versatility of the Slide Work Pods sliding door. With its exterior dimensions and easy installation, its uniquely compact design fits into any open office, even in the most limited spaces, eliminating the risks posed by traditional swinging doors.

Additionally, the Slide Work Pod is an approachable solution that doesn’t compromise on cost-efficiency. It assures that you’re getting a high-value product that pays for itself through enhanced team productivity and employee satisfaction. And the best part? It’s proudly made in the USA, delivering world-class quality you can trust.

This isn’t just another piece of office furniture, this privacy solution is a statement of your company and commitment to productivity, privacy, and efficient use of space. Elevate your workspace to new levels of sophistication and functionality with the Slide Work Pod.

Office Pod Lighting and Ventilation

Imagine stepping into a space where light reigns supreme. This is made possible with the full-length glass door and skylights. They work harmoniously to let in ample natural light, creating an ambient and pleasing atmosphere of open space. But the allure doesn’t end with daylight.

Nestled within the overhead light ring, an additional source of brilliance awaits discovery – a 2240 lumen LED panel. This hidden gem provides an extraordinary supplement to the natural light, ensuring a beautifully lit environment even after the sun sets. Experience the perfect blend between natural and artificial lighting solutions with our innovative design.

Experience the bliss of fresh air during those extended work sessions, thanks to the side-by-side heavy-duty fans with adjustable ventilation functions. They operate in a whisper-quiet manner, ensuring that your serene work environment remains undisturbed while you enjoy the gentle breeze. The fans are meticulously engineered to regulate the temperature optimally, delivering the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency.

Featuring speed-adjustable air replacement, they provide flexibility to suit your specific needs. They boast an incredible capacity, capable of refreshing your workspace with up to 220 cubic feet of fresh air per minute. This makes your work experience more enjoyable and more productive, helping you to focus on what truly matters – your work.

Meeting Pods Sound and Visual Privacy

While many competing office space brands choose to zone you in with designs reminiscent of a fish bowl, Slide Work Pod offers a radically different, more desirable experience in the workplace. Say goodbye to the distracting and intrusive office environments and embrace privacy with this exceptional office pod. Instead of feeling on display, you’ll enjoy a sanctuary of your own.

Crafted intentionally to separate and shield you from unwanted distractions, Slide Pod is focused on preserving your productivity and cultivating a serene workspace. But that’s not all; our cutting-edge office pod is also fully equipped to offer an impressive noise reduction of about 30 decibels. With Slide Pod, it’s not just about creating a private space, but it’s about enhancing your work experience and making every moment matter.

Cream of Indoor Office Pods

Revel in the expansive and inviting Talkbox booth, accentuated by a plush interior that boasts a spacious 36 x 16 inch desk. This generous personal space is expressly designed to entice you to spread out your work essentials and immerse yourself in extended work sessions without discomfort. These booths, with their abundant elbow room, are ingeniously designed to cater to your long hours of work, promising not just a workspace, but a haven of productivity and creativity. So, come, stay as long as you like and transform your work experience into one of comfort, convenience, and seamless efficiency.



High-quality tempered safety glass and aluminum frame

Two of of the walls of meeting room are covered with large sound-absorbing acoustic panels made from post-consumer recycled glass bottles and covered with high-grade acoustic fabric

One large pane acrylic skylight

Floorless design and stepless entrance


4 power outlets

4 USB ports and outlets

Available access hole for ethernet port

5-foot power cord that plugs into any standard (120V) outlet


Ultra high powered ventilation system

9 ventilation settings


Sound dampening design eliminates noise levels and echo and minimizes sound escaping the room and entering the booth

Large sound-absorbing acoustic panels made from post-consumer recycled glass bottles and covered with high-grade acoustic fabric


Bespoke options are available, such as additional power and connection outlets, optional monitor mount, leveling feet, additional chair or high stool options

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