Moorhouse Consulting

London, UK

My Office Pod are working with companies to optimise space, increase productivity, and maintain confidentiality

Moorhouse Consulting, a globally acclaimed brand, sought our expertise to assist them in choosing the finest office pods suitable for their dynamic workspace. Their primary requirement was a space where they could conduct confidential meetings and seamless video calls amidst the buzz of their open-office layout. We were thrilled to take on this challenge, which synchronised perfectly with our passion for creating unique office solutions. We embarked on this mission with a clear understanding of Moorhouse’s unique office environment and their specific needs.

Understanding the importance of this project, we presented a diverse range of office pods including Milli Phone Booths, Silent Room Pods and Kolo Work Pods. These pods offer impeccable sound insulation and excellent functionality. Each pod was carefully selected to symbolise Moorhouse’s commitment to productivity, collaboration, and privacy. We provided products that varied in sizes and designs to seamlessly fit into different corners and spaces around their office.

The range of office pods we proposed are not just pieces of furniture; they are solutions designed to optimise space, increase productivity, and maintain confidentiality. Each pod is equipped with modern amenities and advanced features that make them an ideal spot for focused work or confidential discussions.

Our office pods are designed with both comfort and functionality in mind. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate a small team, and the exterior is built to blend in with any existing office decor. The soundproof walls ensure that no conversation leaks out, while at the same time, external noise is prevented from disturbing the meeting or call. Our collaboration with Moorhouse Consulting is a testimony to our commitment to delivering tailor-made office solutions that go beyond mere aesthetics.

We take pride in providing products that enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and respect privacy. With our office pods, we are confident that Moorhouse Consulting will experience a significant uplift in their meeting and video call capabilities, all while staying true to the open-office layout they cherish.

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