Creating Spaces that spark innovation

When i2systems approached us, they had a clear vision in their mind: they wanted an array of versatile meeting pods to cater to a wide range of their meeting scenarios, from small, intimate brainstorming sessions to larger group meetings. They desired a place where ideas could collide, where collaboration could thrive, and where conversations could spark innovation. They were eager to create spaces that stimulate creativity and make communication more efficient.

We, therefore, embarked on a mission to transform their vision into reality. After thorough research and careful planning, we designed the perfect solution to meet their diverse needs.

For larger group meetings, we provided a conference room-sized meeting pod. This massive room, designed with a keen eye for detail, is not just about its size but its ambiance and functionality too. Adorned with a sleek, large meeting table located at its core, this space is ideal for those consequential meetings and in-depth discussions. Accompanied by plush chairs, it ensures comfort during long meetings while maintaining a level of sophistication and professionalism.

These carefully curated meeting pods are more than just spaces; they are canvases that facilitate the transformation of thoughts into action. They are the incubators of ideas, the birthplaces of innovation, and the meeting points of minds. With these meeting pods, we believe that i2systems will find an edge in their everyday meetings, turning simple discussions into strategic decisions.

The pod was designed with an added feature of a monitor mount, enabling the team to enjoy a cinema-like experience during meetings. Plus, we’ve crafted a petite meeting pod, equipped with plush sofa seating, creating an intimate environment for smaller gatherings and informal catch-ups.

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