The benefits of using office pods for businesses

Office Pods For Businesses

The benefits of using office pods for businesses

Escape the chaos of the open office plan with the benefits of office pods – the solution for a private, distraction-free space. Research shows that noise and distractions hinder focus and productivity. Don’t let your coworker’s loud phone calls or heated discussions disrupt your workflow. It’s time for organizations to prioritize a stress-free office environment. Experience the power of office pods, the modern-day phone booths, and create an oasis of productivity in your workplace.

Office Pods are revolutionising the workplace in open office layouts and areas with limited space, providing dedicated office space to boost productivity and to take private phone calls. Meeting booths and office pods allow additional private meeting space without costly construction or renovations. Open-plan offices typically have a higher level of office noise due to collaboration and office chatter, but there are times when focus and quietness are needed without constant interruptions either.

Office pods in the Office Environment

Benefits of Office Pods For Businesses

Office pods and meeting room pods provide privacy for telephone calls and/or one to one meetings, most office pods have acoustic properties that challenge even the nosiest offices. Office pods are complimenting the existing office furniture in office space and open office environments.

They come in all different sizes to fit one or two people right up to larger meeting pods and conference rooms that are great for 10 plus people. Most office pods can be made to different sizes, providing an optimal space to work in peace and quiet. If you are going with the single or double occupency phone booths, these Phone Booths can be assembled and disassembled, making it easier to move around as the needs of the office change. You can also easily take them with you if you move. As they have a small footprint they can also quite easily fit into an existing office layout and compliment most spaces.

Office pods are very flexible to incorporate into any office design workspace or work environment. They can be fitted with work tops and seats to increase comfort and can be customised to clients and companies needs. They also have lights and ventilation systems to improve working life and keep colleagues and employees comfortable in meetings and improve the employee experience. Phone Booths can be made in a variety of material and finishes and can easily complement any office décor.

Office pods not only provide increased productivity, they are a simple way to lift the aesthetic of the office in the new, more tech driven world, we find ourselves in.

Private Phone Calls

Office Pods For Private Phone Calls

Phone Booths provide a perfect space for users in open plan office areas to get on conference calls or zoom calls. More than just a place to work, phone booths are a perfect solution for users to take a moment to relax and improve their wellbeing in a quiet place. Kolo Phone Booth is ideal for quick confidential calls, zoom meetings or for individual work that requires a bit of quietness and privacy. Individual workspaces are important in a bustling office where sometimes the din and activity can overwhelm and effect productivity, Prime Phone Booth is an expertly crafted private retreat and the ultimate solution for open office workers in need of privacy and focus.. Two person phone booths are ideal for small meetings or quiet reflection. For complete focus or tasks that need your undivided attention, work booths, solo pods and phone booths are one of the best solutions available for single occupency or a place to conduct meetings between two people.

Open floor plan layouts have been reported to increase blood pressure, elevate stress levels and contribute to office conflict. All these issues can lead to a higher staff turnover so companies and clients are eager to provide employee satisfaction and adequate working spaced to avoid these difficulties.

The future of the office pod

Difficulty booking meeting rooms or scheduling meetings in canteens and breakrooms has become a thing of the past with the introduction of office pods and phone booths. Office pods offer the opportunity for catch ups and one to one’s for private discussion and personal tasks, which are an important part of the working day. Companies are now realising that they need to create an office environment that provides these working spaces. All modern workplace design now includes dedicated meeting areas such as office pods, work pods and booths that allow a private enclosed space within open plan areas. Along with private focus areas, companies can also add valuable meeting and conference rooms in the form of larger Office pods. These Large Office Pods are less expensive than major contsruction and office revovations. The BuildUp Large Meeting Booth can accommodate up to 10 people making it an ideal option for board meetings and large team collaboration. The Silent Romm XL Pod is also a great option with superior acoustic properties and a clean sharp aesthetic.