The best phone booths for private conversations

Office Phone Booths

The best phone booths for private conversations

In a world where open-plan offices and public transportation dominate our daily lives, finding privacy for important phone calls can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are still some impressive phone booths out there that strike the perfect balance between modern design, acoustic insulation, and affordability. These isolating pods offer a unique solution for busy professionals seeking a moment of silence and focus, where they can make important calls without worrying about being overheard. From standalone soundproof room phone booths to stylish cubicles that blend seamlessly into the office environment, phone booths are redefining what it means to have a private conversation in the 21st century.

Office Phone Booths

Introducing the modern and upgraded Office Phone Booths – the professional solution for private phone calls and meetings in the office. With a sleek design and enhanced functionality, these office pods provide a quiet and private workspace environment for phone and video calls. Ideal for single occupancy, these thoughtfully designed booths offer a flexible space for focused work and the freedom to communicate without interruptions, examples are the BuildUp Phone Booth offers stunning aesthetics and the Om Stand Booth is fully enclosed and very well equipped. Plus, with larger designs, they can even serve as open meeting or conference rooms. Upgrade your office space with Office Phone Booths and enhance productivity today.

Office Phone Booth Features

The acoustic panels and soundproofing in phone booths keep conversations private and provide a quiet space away from open office cahtter and bustle. We offer a full suite of phone booths with differing technology and features to suit all budgets. Air conditioning with ventilation fans provide fresh air to stay cool and is standard on most phone booth models to maintain comfort within the booths. Power outlets and USB ports are also available to keep employees connected for video conferences or on a zoom meeting. Led lights keep the ambiance and atmosphere relaxing whilst laptop mounts and fitted shelves or seating help to increase focus and productivity. Custom graphics can also be used on the booth to incorprate a companies brand or identity.

Office Phone Booths

Before buying a soundproof office phone booth, it is important to confirm if the booths acoustic properties are the most important factor. Privacy pods have different levels of Sound Transmission Class or STC so each office booth will have different levels of acoustics. An office pod in an open office space or open plan office might need a higer STC due to the contant office din, distractions and background noise. We have chosen some of the highest rated STC booths availavle in our range, check them out and be happy that your private calls stay private!

Silent Room Phone Booth

Silent Room Phone Booth is a great value office booth that creates a room within a room. A small yet quiet and totally private unit that creates the perfect space for users to make video calls and phone calls, or to have a quiet space where to work. Another reason that makes Silent Room Booth a great value pod is its equipment, as this booth is equipped with motion activated light and ventilation systems, as well as an integrated table with power and USB connection, thereby providing a complete office space within a small, free-standing unit.

Zenbooth Solo

Zenbooth Solo is the ideal, self-enclosed space to offer workers a peaceful and quiet room to work in. The use of acoustic panels in the interior of this phone booth means there is less internal reverberation, making it easier to concentrate when working on any given tasks and also carry out calls and virtual team meetings in a space full of privacy and confidentiality. The Zenbooth Solo is fully equipped with everything any office worker needs for day-to-day activities, it is fitted with motion activated dimmable lights and a silent, yet powerful sensor activated air circulation system.

Hush Phone Booth

Hush Phone Booth is so well equipped that it can be used for short telephone calls but also for longer working activities, such as work tasks on a laptop, as it is quiet and comfortable. Hush Phone Booth also has high-level acoustics so that all work and conversations happening inside can be kept private. Hush Phone Booth offers the perfect solution to all workers in the workplace in need of a private and quiet place to do work correctly make and receive telephone calls or dialling in to video conferences, confidentially and comfortably without having to distract other workers.

Kolo Phone Booth

Kolo Phone Booth is a single occupancy booth, ideal for quick confidential calls, zoom meetings or for individual work that requires a bit of quietness and privacy. Indeed, ‘Kolo’ takes its name, inspired by the word “Colloquy, and this phone booth is specifically designed to create a space within the open office that can provide peace and quiet within chaos. For this reason, Kolo Phone Booth is single person booth that is ideal for co-working and open plan spaces, where people making phone or zoom calls get distracted and can also distract others. This phone booth solves the problem.

Residence Phone Booth

The Residence Phone Booth is the perfect solution for every office open space looking to add easy, self contained areas to work in peace and quietness. This phone booth has everything needed to improve office life quality, from aesthetic acoustic tested materials to well ventilated and lighted interior fitted with everything needed to work in a more efficient and productive manner.

Uniq Phone Booth

Introducing the Uniq Phone Booth: Winner of the Red Dot Design Award. This sleek and stylish booth features a glass roof, top-notch acoustic materials, a groundbreaking ventilation system, and intricate details. Prepare to be amazed by its stunning appearance. With its unique design, the glass roof keeps you at the heart of the action while allowing you to handle everything you need in peace.

Lohko Picea Work Pod

Lohko Picea Work Pod is a single occupancy pod, it is larger than a standard phone booth, a bit closer in size to a small two person meeting pod, so we can say it is a hybrid between a phone booth and a meeting pod. Because of its size, this work pod can favourably compare to any built-in individual office.