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Do we need them?

Many of our customers work in an open plan office layout and don’t always have areas that they can have privacy to talk on the phone, with a colleague or in a small group. Adding to this, open plan offices can be loud and distracting. It is estimated that we lose an average of 90 minutes per day from distractions in our work environment (IPSOS study). As will be explained, acoustic pods are a good solution to limit distractions in the office and provide spaces for people to work in, away from the open office.

Acoustic pods are furniture that provide spaces to work whilst manipulating the noise in and around them. They come in varying shapes and sizes and serve different functions such as private booths to work individually and larger areas to have a meeting with others.

Selecting the office pod with the right amount of acoustic comfort.

Some pods are better than others at controlling noise levels. A seating areas with high backed sofas will be less effective than a fully enclosed meeting pod, for example. Even when selecting from a fully enclosed pod, then the standard of acoustics still varies. Often, manufacturers will test their acoustic pods and receive a decibel rating rating from the testing body and this is the only consistent measure we have to compare acoustic effectiveness. The Loco office phone booth, for example, has a decibel rating of 42dB which is considered to be at the top level. The Hush phone booth has a rating of 34dB but this is still considered to be a very good standard and suitable for noisy office environments.

What type of acoustic pod is right for your space? It really depends on your office, the culture, layout and ways you want to work. Manufacturers have designed and produced different types of pods for all types of offices and working behaviours. Many of which can be found on the My Office Pod website and we also have access to many more that aren’t shown online. Understanding the size pod, you need and how many people it should accommodate is an important start. As is establishing what type of work will be carried out in the pods, whether for individual work, phone calls, meetings or a relaxing area.

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